America’s Death By Immigration

America’s Death By Immigration

I would like you to view the following video (please note that is already five years old).

Having viewed this video please write me  your best explanation as to why this obviously suicidal immigration policy is continuing unabated when any fool could predict its destructive consequences for all of us and our children.

I will provide you my own analysis tomorrow.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 3/12/16

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2 Responses to “America’s Death By Immigration”

  1. In the end it will be the "Wisdom of The People" that decide should very well be a concern.Past Presidents' elected in our 237 year history should leave no doubts about the fickled behavior of the electorate.Certainly the past two presidential elections t Says:

    A lengthy diatribe would serve no purpose on my part,in reality, competing with your eloquent commentary on the reason(s).
    I’m all for term limits, a measurable impinged effect,
    but not a total panacea.
    I submit for your thought,another outside force,so insidious,clever in its destructive nature( operational for over 100 years-my opinion ) cruel and cowardly in the implementation,unveiled in this election cycle for all to see,as plain as the nose on your face(numerous citizens in denial ).
    CPUSA(Communist Party Unites States of America ) power brokers are manipulating government officials, in all branches, at all levels of our educational institutions ( Bill Ayers one of thousands), as well as other segments of our society.
    Empowering legion is the Jews ( ask why they vote predominately liberal ).
    Hope all is well with you and family-Huck.


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Huck, in the main, I think you are correct. Thanks for your perspective. I look forward to thinking about your comments and responding to them in a few days. Moe


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