Why Americans Should Hate Liberalism #4

Why Americans Should Hate Liberalism #4

The following are a series of ideas and paraphrases taken from Micheal Martin’s excellent book; Liberalism: The Demise of America.

  •  Liberals hope to construct utopias by planning and designing socialist or communist states and embracing the idea of a transnational government. The many failures of socialist and communist states are well documented (Russia, China, North Korea, and much of Latin America, for examples). To the extent that any such states have recovered from their socialist/communist disasters, they have implemented important components of free market enterprises.
  • Regarding Transnational States, The history of gross failure of both the League of Nations and its successor, The United Nations are illustrative of the old saying: “Too many chefs spoil the brew.” This is particularly true when a large number of the chefs are socialist and communist nations.
  • Liberals systematically increase state control over citizen’s behavior. They do this through the control of education, the popular media, the news media, and though increasing restrictions on citizen’s speech via political correctness. The weakening of religious influences over population behavior is also a major goal of Liberals.
  • American Liberalism is also destroying, capitalism, families, Constitutional governance, law, moral values, and the incentives/work/vigor and the independence of individuals.
  • Liberals destroy economies trough reckless spending and massive debt. This is an age-old trick of dispensing governmental entitlements, and redistributing the taxed wealth of productive citizens. This is done in order to win political support from a growing population of unemployed, irresponsible and dependent citizens who then become “a captured” voting block for liberal candidates. This selfish and irresponsible political strategy strengthens liberal political parties in the short-run, but reliably destroys entire sococultures in the long-run.
  • Liberal philosophy, like communist philosophy, believes that only “superior” leaders (i.e., a liberal ruling class) can effectively plan and execute environmental, social, and other cultural outcomes. They believe that they can shape the will and motivations of the population in ways superior to spontaneous social and free market economic forces. They are pathologically narcissistic in their beliefs of personal and group superiority and they are sociopathic in their willingness to lie, cheat, steal and propagandize in an attempt to achieve their goals.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 2/21/16

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3 Responses to “Why Americans Should Hate Liberalism #4”

  1. vtmawhinney Says:

    Reblogged this on Cultural Blog.


  2. Karen Kuiper Says:

    Great series. I know why they should but can’t wrap my brain around why they won’t.


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Dear Karen,

      The simple reason why Liberalism consistently does self-defeating things was hard for me to understand.
      But, everything will “click into place”, cognitively, as soon as we change our perspective on Liberal’s guiding motives.

      Very simply, Liberals are driven to increase their power. They are generally pathologically selfish and irresponsible. They do not care about America’s future. They care only about their own present high status and power. It is in their best interests that the culture go to hell. In this way they have criminals, poor ignorant illegal aliens, drug addicts, single mothers in poverty with children, pregnant teens, sex addicts, gambling addicts, drug addicts, and bankrupt/broken businessmen, etc., who will vote to get more free medicine, housing, food, phones, electricity, health care, and so-on.

      This is the conclusion that I have been forced to. Don’t listen to what the liberals say..just watch what they do and pay attention to how it benefits their political power. V. Thomas Mawhinney


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