Republican Debate Moderators “Dis” Dr. Carson

Republican Debate Moderators “Dis” Dr. Carson

I get that Dr. Carson is low in the polls.

But, that is no reason to put him on stage and publicly isolate him from the Republican Debate!

The Republicans have a bad reputation for ignoring, and not caring for minorities. Unfortunately, last night’s debate proved the case.

Dr. Ben Carson’s treatment by moderators was brutally diminishing to this outstanding American gentleman. What in the hell were they thinking?!

America needs quality minorities in the political lime-light and Dr. Carson is one of America’s finest citizens.

To add insult to injury, this abusive public political treatment occurred on the heels of allegations that he had been mistreated (true or not) by a Cruz campaign’s dirty trick.

If the Republican Party were truly a conservative party, the intermediate and long-term effects of their values and consistent actions would catalyze the upwards mobility of all hard-working citizens, irrespective of ethnicity.

I believe the the Republican Party and last night’s moderators owe Dr. Ben Carson a public apology.

I can only hope that Dr. Carson will be selected as a Republican Vice-Presidential candidate.

With this experience under his belt, who knows what would be in store for the conservative’s potentially best answer to the radical liberal’s Marxist President, Barack Obama.

V. Thomas Mawhinney,  2/7/16

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2 Responses to “Republican Debate Moderators “Dis” Dr. Carson”

  1. jkplume Says:

    The moderators were Demorats. Carson is not a Demorat.
    The Republican party is not conservative.
    Should I say more.


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Jk, You have all of the above least in my view. Cruz is a strong and consistent conservative. I want to see him a President. VTM


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