America’s World War III

America’s World War III

There are two parts to this title that require explanation.

I will address the second part first.

Our Commander-in-Chief Lair, Barack Obama, recently stated that those who say that we are in WW III, are providing a recruiting tool for the terrorists.

Furthermore, he denied that anything like WW III is occurring and that a (I paraphrase) some of men with weapons in the back of pick-up trucks cannot pose an existential threat to America and the world.

Lying and deceitful propaganda are main tools of Marxist-progressive radical liberal political revolutionaries. Add to this a supportive public media and the summation is a juggernaut of mind and emotional control of the masses, even in America!

Most of Americans should now be able to see that virtually everything our revolutionary President, Barack Obama, says is anti-American propaganda. He knows if he tells a lie often enough, especially denying a terrifying truth, that many uninformed and weak-minded individuals will prefer to believe the comforting lie; even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The same is true of many intelligent and cunning ideologues who may politically and materially benefit from the perpetration of such fraudulent political narratives.

Of course, the present WW III is not like the previous wars in which air forces, navy’s and army’s clash on grand scales in specific geographical locations. The present World War is unlike anything the world has ever seen before.

And, here it is. The truth may set us free, but first it will make us miserable.

The facts should be clear .

The second part of my title requiring explanation is the implication that this is America’s World War III.

It is logical to ask, why does World War III have to be America’s World War?

There are at least two parts to this answer.

The first part is that America is the bulls-eye for Islam’s ultimate conquest. America is the greatest nation of “Infidels” on earth and ISIS has sworn to fly their black flag over the White House. Seeing is believing:

For America, there is nowhere to run or hide, there are no more America’s on planet earth. It is do or die.

Radical Islam  is coming to kill or convert every American citizen to their Psychotic Theocracy. They have long been attacking us through both violent and stealth Jihad and their efforts will certainly intensify.

This is America’s WW III, like it or not.

The second answer is that there is no other nation on earth capable of organizing the free and not-so-free world to destroy radical Islam. If America does not lead in organizing and conducting world-wide counter-attacks to destroy radical Islamic forces and their leaders, who will?

History suggests if America does not step up to its leadership role that radical Islam is likely to be successful in their quest for world domination.

This is, or it certainly better be, America’s WW III.

There is one more important observation I would like you to consider.

Following America’s tragic Radical Islamic 9/11 attack, there appeared one of the most attractive political personalities that America has ever seen.  He promised the so-called “disenfranchised” and alienated masses of Americans a transformation  of their society which would then support and care for them: A socialistic Nanny State, similar to those that are in dying Europe. By hook, crook, and technology he then found ways to mobilize overwhelming numbers of voters who then swept Barack Obama into the presidency on a crazed wave of emotion and adulation.

As President of the United States, Barrack Obama commenced a chain of actions that courted, mollified and favored Islam around the world and in America.

At every opportunity he further crippled our previously damaged economy and impaired our businesses.  Time and time again he attacked America’s traditional religions and values. He increased competition and conflict among America’s various political interest groups, stimulated a flood of illegal immigration from third world counties, facilitated sanctuary cities, legalized recreational marijuana, attacked America’s police force, cut our military to Pre-WW II levels of power and readiness and he impaired it in numerous other ways (gays, women in combat, persecuting chaplains, firing conservative military leaders, and more).

I could continue the list, but you should be able to see and understand my major point.

Many believe that Obama has simply been dumb and inept. But, I am convinced that he is very far from dumb and inept.

I believe his goal has been to weaken America, exactly as he has intelligently and unerringly done.  On the basis of world Islamic events and his consistent Presidential behavior patterns, I must conclude that he has intelligently and purposefully weakened America and benefited Islam.

History must judge whether our President Barack Obama has been the point-man for a diabolical and coordinated global cabal against America. While there are grounds for suspicion, it cannot be proved or disproved at this time.

The only thing provable is that America and the entire free world is in a fight for their very lives.

We are now at war with Radical Islam and our Republic is in Greater Danger than ever in our history.

I urge you to vote for strong conservative candidates dedicated to effective plans for repairing America’s grievous damaged conditions and winning the war against radical Islam in all upcoming elections.

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney








Radical liberals do not win wars, they set conditions that lead to them.


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