Radical Liberal Speech/Thought Control In American Education

Radical Liberal Speech/Thought Control In American Education

Progressive-Radical Liberals argue that many conservative values and practices are dangerous because they represent slippery slopes harmful to society.

However, the liberals never make such arguments about about progressive values that have demonstrably severely damaged society (pornography, the pornification of family T.V. (“If your erection lasts longer…”, etc.), gambling, legalized drugs, no-fault divorce, legalized abortions, a permissive welfare system, and much more).

No we see that the radical liberals endemic in academia are censuring conservative opinions in the classroom. The weapon used is a grossly uneven power relationship between professors (Tenure) and students. This uneven balance of power it should be, of course, but when the power is abused by the professor to suppress conservative points of view, or religiously held values, it is an Unconstitutional assault on liberty in America.

It is unethical to reward liberal speech and thinking with high grades and punish conservative speech and thinking with bad grades.

If a professor does not like the values expressed in a paper he or she can  simply note disagreement, stating why they disagree, and then grade the paper based upon its required informational and  technical merits of the essay.

As a former professor (a conservative full-professor) of 36 years, I have personally seen liberal propaganda pass for education in many college classrooms.

I have also seen children within my own extended family, and other families, leave conservative and religious families, only to return from Colleges and Universities “transformed” into radical liberal ideologues.

Interesting isn’t it? Progressive/socialist/radical liberal forces within the U.S. have found a way for conservative families to pay for the transformation of their children to radical liberals.

Also interesting is that this is nothing new in the world of socialist revolutionary strategies, it is a traditional transformational master-plan on the way to governmental tyranny and population speech and mind-control.

Do bear in mind that the most radical progressive socialist President in the history of America made a campaign promise to “transform” America. Do ya get it?

See one example below.


Now see that it is a general trend in higher education.

Simply google “Liberal Propaganda and Thought Control in America’s Colleges”.

The following is only one example:


Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 12/17/15

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