Christmas, 2015 (From when I was a child).

Red’s Gas Station

I will forever wonder how old I was.

We lived in an upstairs apartment at Grandma’s House. There was a little cubby-hole between a Bannister, with a long scary drop into the dark stair-well below, and a little window that looked-out over our roof and across the busy street to Red’s Gas Station.

I was too young to know about time. I didn’t know about minutes, hours, or clocks; and I didn’t know about months, years or calendars.

I only knew that if I waited a long time and asked mom often enough, “when will Christmas be here?”…she would eventually say in a happy voice, “it won’t be long now!”

Then I would begin to watch-out through my little window, over to Red’s Gas Station.

I watched through the rain and the sleet, and finally I watched through the glistening swirling patterns Jack Frost painted on my little window.

At night I watched-out through the twirling white showers of snow that sparkled like tiny diamonds under the light-post in front of my house. I looked-out across the snow-covered road over to Red’s Gas Station, bathed in a flood-lit fog of white lights…but they were not there.

I watched many times each day, for countless days, but they did not come.

Then, finally…one tired and doubt-filled night it happened!

Just as before…and I could hardly believe my eyes.

Out through my little frosted window, out through the dark night and out through the hazy veil of falling snow—–they were there!!!

Bathed in a bright glow of shimmering light; they stood quietly waiting for me.

Within this white radiance, the trees were a deep beautiful green, they were as tall as they could be and they were everywhere.

They were finally back at Red’s Gas Station.

It took forever—–but Christmas had finally come!


Merry Christmas!

God’s Blessings to you and your loved ones.

V. Thomas Mawhinney,  Christmas 2015

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