Let Me Show You Hell On Earth!

Let Me Show You Hell On Earth!

The video below will  show you hell on earth…at least for freedom loving Western societies. 

Many intelligent Americans believe that this could not happen to them.  They have failed to do their research and they are flat-out wrong. They think that our Constitution will protect them from the unthinkable fate you to are about to witness occurring in Europe.

Again, they are pitifully wrong.

Our Founding Fathers never anticipated that a brutal, inhumane totalitarian political system, masquerading as a simple religion, could ever infiltrate, dominate and easily transform free societies as Islam has. Our Constitution guarantees the freedom of religion. This was a wonderful gift,  but now it is our fatal flaw to Jihadist Islam.

It is plain to see that our own Constitutional freedoms will facilitate the very thing it sought to prevent, a powerful THEOCRACY, which will destroy us.

This is the phenomenon that Hegelian-Marxist revolutionary theory refers to as “The negation of the negation“. You will see that this idea is very complex and abstract. But, what this phrase means to me is that all sociocultures contain the seeds of their own destruction.


I am warning you, as is all of Europe and the Middle East: Stop Islamic immigration to America or watch your way of life die…and die fast.

Thanks to Lee Hornack  for sending us this video.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, 12/29/15

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