Get A Gun: Learn To Defend Self/Family Safely!

Get A Gun: Learn To Defend Self/Family Safely!

The title of this blog is my best advice to all law abiding Americans.

I am particularly adamant in this recommendation during a time when our Federal Government refuses to adequately protect all of us from Islamic terrorists and America’s all-to-numerous thugs: burglars, robbers, rapists and murderers.

Many cross-cultural comparisons of crime rates, murders and firearm ownership appear to contradict the consistent within-America’s-own  -population analyses conducted by our own skilled researchers.

Cross-culturally, many reports indicate that the more guns there are, the more murders there are, and that America is one of the top murder capitals of the world.

However, within America the consistent findings are: The more firearms owned by law-abiding citizens, the less crimes there are…including gun crimes.

Note that all of the data presented are correlations and they do not prove “cause and effect”, i.e., that more guns specifically make crime go down.

However, it reasonable to assume that there are many more “uncontrolled variables” fluctuating in cross-cultural gun, crime, and gun death data than there are when the analysis is focused only within our own culture.

Within our own culture, the consistent correlations suggest the possibility of cause and effect in the direction of more guns less crime. However, the exact nature of causation within these data will be debated by social scientists for a long time to come.

The Average American will be happy to let the scientists continue to debate the “true causation” of the more guns less crime observation, “till the cows come home”.

However, everyone must make a very personal decision for themselves and their families, in the here and now: Is It Time For me to Get A Gun and Learn To Safely Defend Myself and My Family!?

You are free to do so if you choose, most everyone else in the world is not!

Thank God and America’s Founding Father’s for our Second Amendment.

I hope you will join the NRA and never let the progressive/socialist radical-left take your Second Amendment Rights away!

Please read the following article and also look-up University of Chicago researcher John Lott’s, web page. Be sure to visit Lott’s Crime Prevention Research Center, located on the right-side of that page.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 12/13/14

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