I Don’t Like Trump: But!!

I Don’t Like Trump: But!!

Trump has the vocabulary of a 7th grader.

He is crude, vulgar and highly repetitious in his not-so-“tremendous” speeches, though he does better when he is grilled by Bill O’Reilly and other no nonsense-interviewers.

Talking heads and politicians do not know what to make of this guy. I am a psychologist, and frankly I do not know either. To be honest, it scares me to think of Trump in the Oval Office.

Yet, he attended a top university and he has built the nest-egg his father gifted him into a grand and amazing fortune.  Obviously, has competed with the smartest, meanest and toughest all-out capitalists in the world…including those in totalitarian nations  and he has been victorious.

In all of this, Trump has come far-out on top financially and that could not be done without playing very skilled hardball-politics with a lot of very smart people.

Yes, Trump still scares me.

But, I am infinitely more frightened of traitor Obama’s lying, cheating Marxist/Leninist replacement-in-training, Hillary Clinton.

Frankly, I am also more frightened of the majority of “establishment” republicans competing with Trump for the Presidential Candidacy. I beg you to note that America has been in steady decline since the passing of President Reagan, no matter which party has been in office. The more liberal/socialist our American Presidents have been, the more our social, economic and cultural decline deepens.

Recently, so-called conservatives are parroting, like idiots: “Its against the Constitution to keep people of a certain religion out of America”;  worse yet…”That’s not America”, or “That’s not who we are”.

A large percent of America’s electorate squawks  the same vacuous drivel like a flock of  mynah birds.

Do these individuals not know the difference between a purely humanitarian, pro-social religion that worships a benevolent God and one that is a murderous Totalitarian Theocracy!?

We have the right as a sovereign nation to  close our borders to immigrants any time we think it is in America’s best interests to do so. It has been done many times before and it must be done now.

Of course, I cannot trust the democrats. They are now mostly rank socialists; radical liberal progressives who embrace the despicable revolutionary teachings of Hillary’s early mentor,  Saul Alinsky.

I cannot trust the so-called “conservative republican” front runners (Bush, Rubio and Cruz) who have all let it be known that they will support thousands of new Islamic people who they want to  immigrate to America while our streets run with the blood of our citizens. American blood spilled by Islamic immigrant murders, be they first or second generation.

These are the never-ending gifts from Islam armed with box cutters, knives, improvised explosive devices, AK 47’s, AR 15’s and every other manner of weapon they can get their hands on; including planes,  potentially dirty nuclear bombs, poisons, and pestilence.

Islam’s representatives are flooding into societies around the world and to our shores with whatever it takes to infiltrate, organize, politic, terrify, propagate and kill or convert we Infidels to Islam.

All of this at a time when America’s government will not bend  Every Effort to protect us from the stealth Islamic killers who are already in America and those who are continuing to sneak across our borders.

Regarding Politicians: For all time; do not listen to what they say….watch what they do and then vote accordingly.

Many think that the idiosyncratic Donald Trump is exactly what America needs in our time of unprecedented peril.

But, only the unavailable history of this WWIII will provide such answers.

Nothing in this time is reassuring and now I understand how our parents must have felt in the throes of WWII.

It is time to build a fortress and guard the ramparts.

I’m with Ann Coulter on the issue of Islamic immigration. Please read the following and know where you stand and why. Then vote accordingly.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, 12/12/15

P.S. Thanks to Joe Grunert for bringing this article to my attention.

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3 Responses to “I Don’t Like Trump: But!!”

  1. In the end it will be the "Wisdom of The People" that decide should very well be a concern.Past Presidents' elected in our 237 year history should leave no doubts about the fickled behavior of the electorate.Certainly the past two presidential elections t Says:

    I agree with you regarding the more refined and articulate voters abstaining from the voting booth because of Trump’s bull-like personality. They are like a child , “I’ll take my ball and bat go home if you don’t play the game my way”.Just another evidential characteristic of the voting electorate squeezing themselves into a small rather insignificant portion of the overall big picture.
    That frightens me, because you have defined Trump’s Achilles heel going up against Hillary………………..Huck


  2. In the end it will be the "Wisdom of The People" that decide should very well be a concern.Past Presidents' elected in our 237 year history should leave no doubts about the fickled behavior of the electorate.Certainly the past two presidential elections t Says:

    I’ve got to disagree with you on part’s of this commentary partner.
    Your entitled to your opinion,Quote ‘I don’t like Trump’
    expressing several characteristics ,i.e.,vocabulary of a 7th grader,,rude,vulgar,highly repetitious implying this is not Presidential
    -maybe so…………..

    However I’d rather have a man that talks plain,tough,brash so everyone
    understands, instead of professional politicians that espouse mumble jumbo that the majority cannot understand,condescending, thinking their better than the people they are representing, acting
    as if they really have the best interests of the people at heart when they do not.Rude and vulgar is relative,they all manifest these traits in their own fashion.I believe repetitious is good, it keeps the issue fresh – peoples minds who are subject to forgetfulness.

    He has turned the established Republican party on its ear,exposing
    their collaboration with the Democrats and why we have a no do
    Congress. He has the liberal press and Dem’s worried to the point that
    they must spew out lies that he is a racist,bigot,fascist,hates women,war monger,has no foreign experience,doesn’t know how to remedy the sluggish economy,create jobs and the list goes on and on.Its very apparent that neither the Republicans or Democrats want this man to win.

    Ann Coulter,love her,she spits it out like it is,knows her subject.Made
    O’Reilly look like a chimp on ‘Anchor Babies’ .Trump was correct on
    that issue,and is so on Muslims immigrating into this country-we are at war.Past presidents have invoked same like restraints in the past.
    Liberals and yes Conservatives want you to think that Trump’s action on keeping Muslims out of the U.S. is unconstitutional per the 14th amendment-far from the truth-read the Constitution’s 14th amendment below;

    Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

    The words the detractors forget to mention are as follows,taken from the above 14th amendment,i.e,
    No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens

    Privileges or immunities of citizens , as plain as the nose on your face,if your not a citizen you have no rights therefore the government has the right but not just that, a duty to protect its citizens, so not allowing immigrant Muslims into the U.S. IS CONSTITUTIONALLY LEGAL .

    William Hawkins


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Actually, my dear ol’ partner. You and I disagree on hardly anything.

      No, I do not like his style. But anymore, I don’t like hardly politician’s style. As you said, “maybe so” to my take on Trump’s style. On the other hand you make a strong argument on everything that you have said. My blog should reveal that “I have not closed the door on Trump”. Though I will strongly oppose all RINO’s, cripto-socialists and candidate’s that will not shut down Muslim immigration to America.

      I have no argument with you on this one. Time will tell about Mr. Trump and I will certainly vote for him if he is the Republican Presidential Candidate. One more progressive socialist will destroy us. Tom.

      P.S. Still I wish he would not be so crude, bombastic and insulting in his presentation of the main plain truth that have him at an amazing 41%. Among my friends I have heard some normally sane conservative republicans say they just won’t vote if Trump gets the nomination. While I do my best to convince them of their nationally suicidal thinking..I fear that Trump may loose too many votes from this more “refined and articulate” conservative bunch. It will not take much for Hillary and her suckling socialist constituents to win the Presidency. I sure hope my fears are unfounded.


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