Judge Jeanine: How To Prepare For Islamic Terrorism!

Judge Jeanine: How To Prepare For Islamic Terrorism!

I advise that you listen carefully to Judge Jeanine as she tells you what must be done to prepare for the coming Islamic terrorist attacks.

I fully endorse this message and I hope you do to.

America is now in WWIII.  I will offer only one small addition to this powerful and essential message to all of America.

The Judge states at the end of her video: “The jackals are at our door”! Indeed they are, throngs of them are…but many of them are already in our house.

Please forgive the very brief Ad preceding this video, you must see this message. It is quite literally a call to arms, and much more.

I send this on our day of solemn remembrance of Pear harbor, those Americans who perished there and those who died defeating our enemies of WWII.

I pray that we will not suffer our third such great tragedy, the second being 9/11. Both of these last two will have been at the hands of Islamic terrorists.

Wake-Up America!


V. Thomas Mawhinney, 12/7/15

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