Bridget Gabrial: Beware Islamification of U.S.

Bridget Gabrial: Beware Islamification of U.S.

Forever, cultures have been transformed into new cultures by ancient natural mechanisms of cultural mutation through immigration.

This phenomenon has historically been identified as “Conquest by Immigration”.

This is the oldest “Trojan Horse” trick in the books!

It should be obvious that the more disparate the migrating culture is from the receiving culture, the more difficult assimilation is likely to be.

Certainly, the attempts to integrate Islam into democracy-based political systems and societies have been damaging failures to Europe and more recently to America.

Moreover,  these classical assimilation failures foreshadow even more festering and calamitous cultural damages to our Western Cultures in the near future.

Islam is a theocracy, meaning that the purity of its religious beliefs must be mirrored in all of its social, legal and political actions. Can we not see that any gains by an Islamic Theocracy within the world, and especially within liberal democratic societies absolutely must come at the expense of individual freedoms from government control.

While there are peaceful Muslims in the world, without question, it is impossible to determine exactly which ones will happily adopt the ways of the culture they have joined and which ones will engage in political or violent actions to transform their host culture to that of Islam.

Wake-Up America, you are committing cultural suicide by Islamic immigration; both legal and illegal.

Please see this video and then vote in all elections to stop Islamic immigration.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.


P.S., Please send my url  to your friends and family. I am featuring recent blogs on the topic of Islamification of America and Islamic Conquest by Immigration. I fear that most citizens cannot imagine the dangers, from Islamic violent and stealth Jihad, that we all face in America at the beginning of the 21st. century.

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