Obama Destroying America…On Purpose! #3

Obama Destroying America…On Purpose! #3

“Behavior Talks, B.S. walks”.

I cannot tell you the number of times this logic has solved mysteries for clients and led to problems solved in the therapy room of my psychological practice.

Perhaps my world-view that “Behavior Talks, B.S. Walks”, will work as you as you review my series of blogs showing you the evidence that Obama, or perhaps his puppet masters, are purposefully trying to destroy America.

I could see the evidence for this conclusion within the first year of his election of Obama to the Presidency of The United States of America. Still, I waited to gather more evidence to support my shocking revelation.

On another important “Black Lives Matter” matter, Obama is living proof of the great progress that America has made in our fight against racism. The current racial unrest is only a small part of Obama’s strategery.

It is a sad historical crying-shame that America’s great struggle against racism is now leading to America’s near destruction.

The following is my publication from 2010. Please see what you think about my strong and unflinching allegations against our Traitor-in-Chief…President Barack Obama.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.


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