“Transgenders” in Opposite Sex Bathroom/Showers?!

“Transgenders” in Opposite Sex Bathrooms/Showers?!

America: The land of the too free!

Very powerful LGBT political action groups have made astonishing gains in liberal states and with the radical liberal-progressive Obama administration in power. This they have done under the rubric of “freedom from discrimination and oppression”.

Of course allowing those who simply declare themselves to be “true transgenders” to move freely among naked showering or toileting members of the “traditional” opposite sex is not “freedom” it is social and moral chaos and degradation.

I mean no disrespect to a transgender person. However, I have placed quotations around that term transgender for the following reason: Forcing schools, agencies, sports arenas and businesses, etc., to attempt to define and judge who really is…and who really is not a “transgender” is an absurd and irresponsible delegation of authority. Just who are the experts when it comes judging who can enter America’s private places traditionally determined by the historical social convention and the biological sex of citizens.

Furthermore, it is beyond stupidity to assume that such a Post-Modren LGBT fabricated “civil right” will not be excitedly abused by good-ol’-fashioned sexual perverts.

I will soon discuss one of the essential features of American Conservatism: Traditional Values.

But, today my only goal is to provide a powerful illustration of what happens to any culture, now America’s culture, when it abandons its traditional values.

America’s traditional values have been a true and sacred gift distilled from the wisdom of the ages. America’s values derived from its Christian Founding can also be called  Natural Law. These traditional values are the ancient gifts that made America great. They are now becoming our greatest losses that are most clearly wreaking destruction upon us all.

See for yourself!

It is important that you take time to read the following short article and also read the supporting articles and videos color highlighted in this main article.


Wake-Up Damn-Fool America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

P.S. This issue embodies just on of too many “ground-zero” destructive forces now vexing America. For more on this major threat, enter LGBT in the search box, top right of my web page. While you are there, follow me!

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