America: Next Inline For Open Border Destruction

America: Next Inline For Open Border Destruction

I will take a short break from my series on American Conservatism in order to highlight the continuing victories by Islam, as it continues to prosecute its ancient war on the world of “infidels”.

The ancient Crusades have never ended.

Keep your eye on Europe. The World-Order forces for “open borders” (billionaire George Soros and associates) are bent upon the destruction of Western Civilization. They are happy to use Islam to achieve their ends.

Do your research and you will find that slick talking pretty-boy Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio is in cahoots with them. I will post more on this matter soon.

America is next in line for open border destruction.

It is imperative that you know about the following:

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 11/1/15

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