The Nature of American Conservatism #1

The Nature of American Conservatism #1

I once blogged a series on the definition of American Libertarianism, paraphrasing the descriptions presented by authoritative spokes-persons about this political philosophy.

Please review this series of blogs by going to my main blog page, upper right-hand side and entering “Libertarian” in the search box.

I concluded that the libertarian position would be the saving-grace of America, were it not for its liberal (more accurately Libertine) position on the laws and values that should guide America into the future. Specifically, I will deplore the legalization of recreational drugs (alcohol is both good and bad enough), and also the legalization of prostitution (let us encourage women to aspire to  higher callings). Both of these possible “liberalizations” of Americas social and moral values will create a host of social problems that are antithetical to America’s greatest times in history. They are also incompatible with the most powerful political philosophy of all those available: Conservatism.

It is essential that America teach this social/psychological/economic/national defense and political philosophy to our children. It is also critical that we adults refresh our own memories as to the true nature of conservatism and be able to articulate it to our families and peers.

My following series will be based upon William Bennett and John Cribb’s new book, America the Strong: Conservative Ideas to Spark the Next Generation.

Their book is an easy-reading, concise and powerful set of arguments for America’s return to the principles that have made us great. It is no less a strong indictment of progressive-liberalism, the political philosophy that now threatens our very existence. The assertions in this book are very well referenced and historically documented.

The book begins by providing us with a handy acronym to use as an aid to recalling the main philosophical features of conservationism: “FLINT

FLINT is presented as a memorable acronym because it is the very substance used to spark the gun powder in the flint-lock rifles our Minutemen used to fight and win our Revolutionary War.

The keys features of Conservatism (FLINT), are as follows:

F=Free Enterprise

L=Limited Government

I=Individual Liberty

N=National Defense

T=Traditional Values

If you will memorize these essential components of American Conservatism, it will be my pleasure to paraphrase some of the important details of each of these features, as presented by Bennett and Cribb.

I will start this process in the next several days.

More importantly, I strongly encourage you to read Bennett and Cribb’s important book and to purchase copies of it to give to your loved ones. Christmas, 2015 is coming soon.

Also, please recommend America the Strong to your friends and acquaintances.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/15/15


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