Sanctuary Cities “Explode”; 9295 Illegal Alien Prisoners Released!

Sanctuary Cities “Explode”; 9295 Illegal Alien Prisoners Released!

Help me with the logic of the Obama dynasty’s actions on immigration.

Are 340 American cities are above our Federal Laws while protecting illegal alien immigrants? No.

Are America’s Churches above Federal Law sheltering and protecting illegal alien immigrants? No.

Were Illegal alien prisoners really good people who broke no law other than breaking into America. No.

Were they actually criminals who broke our laws, often repeatedly, many being violent and involved in illegal drug trafficking. Yes.

So what could possibly explain this amazingly self-destructive political, social, and cultural phenomenon? All perpetrated upon America by President Obama!

This behavioral pattern is clearly maladaptive, even suicidal, for our historically number-one world-class Nation.  Any fool can see this. But fools vote and they appear to be increasing rapidly in proportion within our population.

Lets inspect the short-term consequences of this action for America’s many organizations.

  • Liberal/progressive/socialist politicians gain voters to continue their political domination.
  • Businesses gain a flood of cheap labor.
  • Churches, particularly the Catholic Church, gain parishioners.
  • Social services must increase their physical properties, administrations, personnel and budgets.
  • Same for Hospitals, other medical services and personnel.
  • Same for Law Enforcement.
  • Same for the Legal Profession
  • Same for The Judiciary.
  • Same for Prisons.
  • Same for mental health services.
  • Same for Schools
  • Same for all branches of government.

I could go on. But you get the idea.

I trust that you did not overlook where the list started and where it ends. It starts and ends with the growth of America’s government!

If you understand this, you are examining a self-reinforcing culturally destructive (negative) feed-back system . I call this complex lattice of vertically and horizontally self-reinforcing system-of-stressors an example of  Higher-Order Bad Behavioral Contagion.

As various highly stressed sociocultural organizations fail to provide needed services to citizens; as citizens are increasingly taxed to pay for failing services; as the economy fails (as it must); as population “diversity” leads to more political and personal strife between subcultures; and as the cycle of increasing stresses fall upon individual citizens alone or within families, Primary Bad Behavioral Contagion is in evidence. This refers to the effects of damaging stressors that occur between individuals, as opposed to organizations and agencies.

I have tried to alert my readers to many of the interacting causes of these sick social/cultural self-feeding destructive cycle in past blogs.

But, there is yet another factor recently suggested to me that further catalyzes these self-destructive chains of events in America.

The sustained inability of America’s Congress to function effectively, even though conservatives are in the majority, presents yet another major factor within this destructive swirl of damages to our socioculture.

Traditionally in America, the voting population could determine the balance of political power (liberal or conservative). Liberals in Congress tended to vote liberal and conservatives tended to vote conservative. In this day, however, various sources of big money contributions to congressmen (I.e., Crony Capitalism) have over-powered the effectiveness of the citizen vote.

As explained recently by Rush Limbaugh, “political insiders” in Washington now constitute a powerful “third party” system of progressive/socialists in both of our traditional parties. The power of big money available to politicians has neutralized the citizen’s determining votes and has paralyzed the traditional democratic Congressional process.

In doing so, the traditional  balance of power between the Executive and Congressional branches of government has also been destroyed.

This is the “perfect existential storm” for America.

Systems of short-sighted money and power rewards for corrupt politicians are now wedded with a socialist-Marxist President who is bent on the destruction of America’s preeminence and power in the world and its transformation into a socialist state.

The following is only one recent symptom of a very complex ongoing Obama assault upon our traditional American values, traditions and culture.

The selfish short-term interests of many of Americas voters, systems and organizations are simpatico with our ruthless President’s socialist-Marxist goals.

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/13/15

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