Damn-Fool America: Going To Pot!

Damn-Fool America: Going To Pot!

I recently attended a workshop for psychologists and other therapists. The workshop was not specifically about the effects of drugs, but the discussion  happened upon the matter of marijuana use by clients and various States legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

I expressed my disapproval of the legalization of pot and my position was not popular. I do not care.

The reasons for my grave concern are that legalized pot is increasingly trafficked to nearby states, traffic violations and accidents involving pot are increasing, there have been deaths to adults and children stoned on pot, and much more. I also pointed out that contrary to common belief, marijuana can be very addictive.

The leader of the workshop stated that pot is psychologically addictive, but it was not physiologically addictive. I politely informed this person that this was an older finding, but contemporary research has concluded that pot can be highly addictive to many. This is especially true of the pot containing higher levels of THC, now refined and extracted from the marijuana plant and more commonly for sale in States where it is legalized.

Of course elementary principles of economics are involved. As with any other business, competition leads to increased quantities and qualities of the particular commodity that is for sale. Supply and demand principles absolutely apply.

Of course, this is no different for pot sales…particularly when legalized and produced by large technological business enterprises.

Another overlooked fact is that our governments, at all levels, (once guardians of America’s population’s physical, mental, and behavioral health) are now in the business of addicting its citizens in order to make money. These governmentally “peddled” addictions are to activities and substances that our more conservative and traditional governments, for very good reasons,  once called “vices” and outlawed.

This governmental practice started in the 1960’s with the legalization of pornography. It continued later with the legalization of Gambling. Now we are seeing the beginnings of the legalization of marijuana. We can expect more the same, including other drugs as well as prostitution.

All of this nets the Governments (local, state and federal), massive new sources of tax revenues. Once this process starts, businesses, municipalities and states are forced to market these “products” or lose revenues to those who are nearby that do. The mantra is “why should we let them take our potential customers and money when we can keep it all at home“!

In this way unregulated capitalism in vice spreads through America like wild-fire. Once “the genie is out of the bottle”, it is near impossible to put it back in. Everyone, at all levels, becomes financially addicted to the addictions.

It is interesting that governments are now increasingly bankrupt at the same time they are shamelessly and abusively foraging for ways to wring increased tax revenues from its businesses and citizens.

You should also note that governments are shamelessly foraging for ways to save money. America’s legalization of abortion and its increasing legalization (state by state), of the harvesting and selling of aborted body parts and the growth  of assisted suicide are prime examples of short-term cost savings. The long-term consequences will be the destruction of our socioculture.

I have digressed slightly, so you might see and understand the sociocultural consequences of supporting America’s modern unprincipled and predatory progressive/Marxist governments. Our governments propagandizes their addictive population-traps as “true freedom for its citizens“, when inf fact it is the purposeful addiction and enslavement of Americans to our greatest biological, psychological, and social weaknesses.

Please think about all of this.

My wonderful parents always taught me to tell the truth, even if it would get me in trouble. Believe me. Or, show me the evidence that I am wrong.

I hope you will educate yourselves to the new research-based reality of the damages of marijuana consumption.

A nation of pot-heads, combined with alcohol and other illegal drugs, will spell a terrible disaster for America.

See for yourself!


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

Health Services Provider in Psychology

Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Indiana University South Bend

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