Ashley Madison Reveals America!

Ashley Madison Reveals America!

One of my most difficult and  least enjoyable challenges as a behavior therapist is to try to help couples reconstruct the trust and love bonds in their marriages following an “affair”.

The “Ashley Madison” website advertises: Life is short. Have an affair.”

I can assure you that the pleasures of a few “rolls in the hay”, with someone new, will never equal the dread, depression, pain, fear, and anxiety that spreads to the spouse/mate, children and extended families of  the one that visited all of that on them by their lying and cheating infidelity.

When a couple (married or not) has young children, the non-cheating parent is often left in a near-hopeless situation: If they don’t remain with the cheater, how are they to finance and care for their innocent children all alone? The long court battles that often ensue normally deepen the trauma.

If the infidelity is not resolved between their parents, I can guarantee that the children involved will not remain innocent for long. Their emotional health is at high risk. See for yourself.

Recovery from infidelity requires an enormous effort on everyone’s part to ever hope to forge a healthy family again. Off course, this can and does happen, but it is exceedingly difficult.

The facts are that the complex and corrupting influences of modernity and the waning influences of traditional religions have made it much more difficult for families to remain intact within all of Western Civilization. Whenever Secular Humanism has become the prevailing “religion” in a society, morals and ethics are on their way to hell, so to speak. This is what we are seeing up-close and personal in America.

Read below and see what you think about this matter!

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

P.S., Thanks to Gordon Jones for sending me this article.

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