“Open Border” Self-Destruction: A Universal Sick-Sociocultural-Cycle

“Open Border” Self-Destruction: A Universal Sick-Sociocultural-Cycle (Part One)

Perhaps you can help me to understand why anyone cannot see in advance that allowing massive immigration from poor, uneducated, corrupt, crime-ridden, women-abusing, child sex-abusing, chaos-ridden third-world counties would not badly damage  more advanced sociocultures.

I believe this is just another example of how a secular progressive ideology and practices inevitably lead to stupid, short-sighted, self-destructive behavior patterns among individuals and also at social and cultural levels.

My extensive readings about cultural decline inform me that, as cultures lose their organizing religions, their birthrates decline. If birthrates decline inevitably there comes a time when the work that must be done to sustain a socioculture can no longer be done by the indigenous population.

In cultures evolving to progressivism/socialism, there also comes a time when the indigenous population will not do the dirty and back-breaking labor necessary to sustain the socioculture, but for different reasons. It is inevitable that increasing proportions of the long-existing population will become increasingly dependent upon governmental largess and they will become increasingly unproductive. This not only impacts a growing lower-socioeconomic population, but it also reduces the segment of the population that is capable of creating, inventing, and strengthening at the socioculture’s higher levels.

These two major factors, separately or in combination (as they tend to occur), appear to best account for the easily anticipated, self-destructive delayed outcomes of this historically reoccurring sociocultural self-destruction by immigration.

But, there is much more to this story: The total explanation of this perennial sick-sociocultural-cycle of self-destruction will be found in the scientific field of Psychology. I will continue this analysis in my next blog.

The goals of science are the clear definition, explanation and control of the phenomena under study. While the science of psychology can accomplish the first two of these goals with the “open-boarder” sick-sociocultural-cycle, the third goal remains out-of-reach.

Below is an important world view of this sick-cycle of sociocultural self-destruction. It will also provide a clearer perspective of the consequences of America’s own suicidal immigration policies.

Sadly, America is now well-down the slippery slope of this universal “open-border” sick-sociocultural-cycle.

See for yourself!

Then vote accordingly in all coming elections.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.


P.S. Thanks to Gordon E. Jones for sending this Washington Examiner article to me.

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