Carly Fiorina: A Strong Presidential Candidate

Carly Fiorina: A Strong Presidential Candidate

In Carly Fiorina’s closing statement, she said what no other candidate did.

She is “on the truth” about America’s modern American Democratic Party like a laser beam.

In my opinion, Fiorina should be in the top-tier of the Republican Candidates along with Ted Cruz (a true thoroughgoing staunch conservative and a fighter); Ben Carson (a powerfully strong conservative and a moral, towering intellect). Perhaps several others would also do well.

America needs at least a 16-year-run of staunch conservative leadership in Congress and the Presidency. More if we can get it!

My hopes are for a strong conservative President  and Vice-president. Perhaps at the end of an eight year run, the Vice President could take-over for another eight years….more conservative years if we can get them!

Without a strong conservative revolution, I believe an authentic America will be destroyed by a combination of factors.

  • A failed economy
  • An emasculated military
  • A bloated and increasingly tyrannical government
  • A flood of Third-World immigrants (legal and illegal) who’s cultural incompatibilities become our own.
  • An immoral, irresponsible, unintelligent/unskilled and increasingly dependent citizenry.
  • A population divided by race, gender, sexual life-styles, cultures of origin, and politics…all squawking like seagulls and fighting in a raging American culture war.
  • A demoralized and debilitated America, resulting from all of the above, as-well-as  unrelenting home-land attacks by Radical Islamic and home-grown Terrorists

All of this will spell the Death of the last great Western Socioculure: A Death by Marxist incompetency, Immigration and thousands Terrorist cuts.

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 8/7/15

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