Horrific Loss: America’s Military Dead and Injured

Horrific Loss: America’s Military Dead and Injured

I spent some time searching the internet for recent statistics on America’s dead and injured caused by our war on Radical Islamic Terrorism.

Amazingly, these important statistics were not so easy to find. I am not surprised that the liberal media and the current administration does not wish to draw attention to the terrible price America is paying for our feckless war on Radical Islamic Terrorism.

America’s attention has been riveted on the death of Cecil the lion (yes, this is upsetting); upon the loss of the two teens fishing in Florida (a real sad tragedy); the death of blacks at the hands of police (mostly trumped-up charges by political activists); and the mad onslaught of candidates competing for the next seat in our Oval Office (is there really a candidate who can reverse America’s steep decline?).

Recently, something has eclipsed these and other lesser stories. America is horrified at the apparent discovery that Planned Parenthood has not only killed millions of babies in utero (old news), but it may actually be carefully harvesting and selling their body parts!

Any thinking person could have anticipated this evolution, as they might have anticipated the rising call for “death with dignity”, I.e., Euthanasia-for-all in America.

The killing of babies, the selling their body parts and the resulting arrival of “death with dignity” possibilities are things that demand our corrective action, but these matters will be the substance of future blogs.

Something else just as threatening to our future is about to explode upon America’s collective conscience. It is not something that our progressive politicians and their puppet media want us to think about. It is another terrible waste of America’s human life.

It is the irresponsible squandering of the lives of  America’s youth and young adults…our very most promising citizens to a limited, half-assed war on Radical Islamic Terrorism.

It is a half-war fought against a politically correct unnamed enemy, a half-war waged with greatly restrictive rules of engagement that cause unnecessary deaths and crippling injuries to our fighting forces.

One major cost to America is our precious human energy resources, essential to sustain America’s socioculture long into the future. Human resources cultivated with great effort and expense over a generation of time. America’s finest, sacrificed to death and physical disability inflicted upon our own precious people by 12- years of continuous self-restrained never-ending war, fought by politicians who shackle our military to loosing or stalemating, win-then-quit and run strategies resembling all of America’s wars since WWII.

Yet there is barely a word about the horrific loss of America’s dead and maimed fighting forces in our waxing and waning, half-hearted “war” against Radical Islamic Terrorism.

By Radical Islamic design, this is a never-ending “war” that will destroy America, and the world of “infidels”, if we do not fight it with all of our might!

Theirs is a diabolical war of attrition!

Radical Islam is loosing ignorant, backward, barbarian, dime-a-dozen, low-cost combatants in their World-Wide Jihad. America is loosing our most promising, intelligent, educated,  high-quality young men and women who are absolutely essential to our long-term survival!

America must face these facts:

American military personnel killed in the war on Radical Islam


American and Allied wounded in the war on Radical Islam


In the following article, Howard Hawkins and I argue for a total, all-out, kick-ass, take-no- prisoner World War on Radical Islam Terrorism. If you have not evaluated this blog, I beg you to  do so now.

Wake-Up America!


V. Thomas Mawhinney


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