How To Destroy Islamic Terrorism #2

How To Destroy Islamic Terrorism #2
I agree and support Dr. Mawhinney’s recommendations to defeat Radical Terrorist Islam. However I believe stronger measures are necessary to achieve the goal of an all-out win, as “quickly as possible”.
I will outline several more actions that I think are required, but first please consider the following:In 1880, William Tecumseh Sherman spoke to the fact that: “War Is Hell”!

“There is many a boy here today who looks on war as all glory, but boys, it is all hell.”

Furthermore, and more to the point, he also said:

“War is cruelty. There’s no use trying to reform it, the crueler it is the sooner it will be over.”
– William Tecumseh Sherman

The Pearl Harbor attack killed 2,500 of our citizens. An emergency joint session of congress was convened by President Franklin D.Roosevelt resulting in a unanimous vote of a “A Declaration of War” on the Empire of Japan. Germany and other axis allies immediately followed declaring war on America.

In Less than four years, we and our allies destroyed Japan, Germany and its allies resulting in surrender unconditionally. For those who insist that “war accomplishes nothing”, they will have to explain pacifist Japan and Germany and their amazing and peaceful successes following reconstruction.

9/11, in 2001, killed approximately 3,000 Americans. In response Congress passed what is called a “Military Engagement” calling it “The War on Terror”. That same year troops were sent to Afghanistan. This military action continuing to the present, is now the longest sustained military action in the history of the United States.

Congress has not used the formal term “Declaration of War” in any conflicts since WWII, only the terms “ military engagement”, “authorized by Congress”, “funded by Congress”, or “undeclared war”. Tens of thousands of military personnel have died or sustained injuries without a complete victory over our enemies.

We have a choice. We can continue to play games with words and see our military personnel die in vain, or call it what it must eventually become a declared all-out War on Radical Islamic Terrorists.

The following is Dr. Mawhinney’s list. My items begin at number 15, and appear in italics.

 1. It is suicidal for America to admit Muslim immigrants to America and this stupid practice must stop.

2. America must declare war on all Islamic terrorist States and the sections of States that harbor Islamic terrorists.

3. We must rebuild America’s military in order to win this great life and death struggle, unlike anything before. America’s survival is the last great hope for justice and liberty for-all on planet earth.

4. We must rapidly intensify our intelligence/surveillance of domestic and foreign terrorist-suspects.

5. We must fight against all forms of “political correctness” (i.e., verbal and written censorship) that interferes with finding and capturing and killing domestic and foreign terrorists.

6. We must fight against the politically correct ban on the “profiling” of terrorists and sources of terrorism.

7. Following interrogation, including water-boarding when necessary, we must swiftly execute all terrorists discovered in America. We can use the money needed to maintain their lives in prisons to help fund the military we need to destroy Islamic terrorism abroad and at home.

8. We must terminate the current restrictive Rules-of-Engagement preventing America’s military from absolutely eradicating Islamic terrorism from the world. Sadly, “collateral” damage similar to that suffered during WWII will be essential to winning this war.

9. We must expand our home-based armed military police, or other military personnel, so they can provide armed security for military soft targets prone to terrorist attacks.

10. We must embolden and reward America’s general public for providing authorities with information about suspicious behavior of that might identify terrorists among naturalized Americans or illegal aliens.

11. We must counter Islamic terrorist propaganda with anti-Islamic terrorist anti-propaganda information of our own. To our own population, we must flood our own media with the horrific truth about Islamic terrorism.

12. We must build a wall at our borders and reinforce its effectiveness with 21st Century technological surveillance and vastly beefed-up patrolling armed forces.

13. We must augment our Naval and Coast Guard forces in order to provide increased security at our maritime borders.

14. Finally, in coming elections we must vote radical liberals, progressives, socialists/communists, and cripto-Marxists out of political office and never let them back in. Individuals of these persuasions now exist among both Republicans and Democrats. They are disproportionately present in the Democratic party, however. They are the death of America.

We must do all of these things or our Great American Republic will be lost in history.


15. Convene a joint session of congress officially Declaring War on Radical
Islamist Terrorists wherever they exist.

16. Revive the draft, increase personnel in all branches of the military to levels
to be determined by our top existing military personnel.

17. By act of congress, increase military funding for all necessary military
supplies (guns,tanks,bombs,ships,submarines,planes,support,etc ) to
insure complete victory.

18. The enemy does not abide by the Geneva convention or any other type of convention, they kill and destroy all that is not Radical Islam. Our Rules of engagement must be: Exterminate all enemy combatants abroad, or in America.

19. Use the most effective and sophisticated weapons in our arsenal, short of nuclear weaponry.

20. Create a coalition of all countries that are willing to join in the fight to exterminate the terrorists. Inform the world that no country is safe from American/Allied force attacks wherever terrorists are harbored or primarily based.


Are these draconian measures, “yes”, without a doubt. Will civilian casualties
occur, “yes”, without a doubt. Will these recommendations lead to an all-out WWIII, yes, they probably will.

Indeed “War Is Hell”! The civilian deaths as of 12/1945 caused by the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan ending WWII were:

Hiroshima: 90,000-120,000
Nagasaki: 60,000-80,000

But remember: “War is cruelty. There’s no use trying to reform it, the crueler it is the sooner it will be over.” 

If our leaders are truthful with the American people about Radical Terrorist Islam’s Jihad to dominate the world, the majority will support an all-out Declaration of  War upon them.

Howard Hawkins,  An American patriot.


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