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What $15/hour Flipping Burgers Gets Ya!

July 22, 2015

What $15/hour Flipping Burgers Gets Ya!

Surprise!!! Take a look at what progressive economics accelerates.

See the following article.

Note that this article about McDonald’s automation in Europe asserts that McDonald’s does not wish to replace people with machines. Don’t believe it.

The facts are that people in entry-level jobs often don’t show-up for work, they have performance issues, they quit suddenly, and they are all unique, thus stressing management and costing extra money…unlike machines. Also, people keep pushing for raises, more benefits, and time-off for life’s various exigencies, unlike machines.

Automation will come to McDonald’s in America because it is more efficient and cost-effective. Much as it is coming everywhere else in our lives.

But governmentally mandated pay-hikes for menial labor (as it surely has in Europe) will accelerate this natural process. In doing so, it will cause the sudden loss of low-wage wage jobs for those entering the workforce, who use them as a step-ladder to better paying positions in the future. It will also cause the sudden loss of jobs for the quality workforce who are in retirement and need a little extra income to make ends-meet later in life.

Accelerating this process will cause an acute increase in financial stress within our population due to lost jobs; and among businesses that cannot afford to automate and will then fail.

Of course, McDonald’s can stay in business, and our Progressive/Socialist Government can raise taxes on America’s shrinking middle class to pay for the displaced employees forced into its tax-payer-fed welfare system. The end result is a growing voting constituency for our progressive/socialist government.

On balance, governmentally imposed minimum income hikes will not provide a net benefit to our society.

But, they will greatly benefit our bloating progressive/socialist government—on the road to its inevitable failure.

Do ya get it?!

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 7/22/15

P.S. Thanks to Vic Palenske for sending this to me.

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