Obama’s Legacy Of Shame

Obama’s Legacy Of Shame.

There is much in the news about Obama’s deal with the Iranian’s, limiting their nuclear program. Some say it has been motivated by President Obama’s quest for his own historical legacy.

Liberals support this deal and conservatives view it as a world disaster in the making.

Israeli leaders assert that it as a certain road to nuclear war.

I have no doubt that the conservatives and the Israeli’s are correct. After-all, this deal was struck with the voices of  Iran’s religious leader and thousands of Iranians chanting death to America and Israel. Their voices boldly screeching their goal of  death and destruction of the two remaining obstructions to radical Islamic world hegemony.

It is true that no one can predict the future. But, rational individuals and nations must do the best they can, or their survival is in peril.

Sooner or later the Iranian hot-bed of crazy people will have to be destroyed, just as was the hot-bed of murderous crazies in Germany and Japan during WWII. We should have learned from WWII that, as history repeats itself in the form of terrorist Islamic states, sooner promises a far superior outcome than later.

No matter, Obama’s legacy will be that of a Marxist destroyer of all things Western/American and a confederate of radical Islam. It will be a shameful stain upon American history as well as World History.

Our Founders had a near religious faith in the wisdom of the American electorate, they were correct in their time. They could not have anticipated our largely indolent, ignorant, and unpatriotic modern American electorate.

I will pray that our current looming world conflagration will amplify my plea:

Wake-Up Damn-Fools In America!

Please See this video. Presidential Candidate Scott Walker tells the truth.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, 7/15/15

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