Scott Walker For President?

Scott Walker For President?

The facts are simple: Following eight years of radical liberal/progressive/socialist damage to America, speeding the death of the only great Western Civilization left in the world, no “moderate” President and Commander In Chief can possibly turn the tide of our decline.

I ask you to take a very close look at Scott Walker.  He appears to be a very strong conservative in the Reagan tradition. I think his religious, social, economic and national security views are spot-on to what is needed to save America at this most perilous time in our history.

The following interview is a very tough, “hard-ball grilling” of this Presidential Candidate by one of America’s very best reporters, Chris Wallace.

I believe Walker handled it without the slightest hesitation or difficulty. I think he did so simply because his main guiding rule in politics is to do what is best for the people. You may know that an honest politician does not have trouble “telling it like it is”.  They don’t have to fumble around trying to figure-out what people want to hear, what works best for the polls, or what the most certain way to get re-elected is.

Walker appears to be an honest man who “shoots fast and straight to the target”.

This would be a God-Send following the last eight years of America’s horrific governmental tyranny.

Please watch this video in its entirety and see what you think.

V. Thomas Mawhinney,  7/14/15

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