The LGBT End Game: Destroy America!

The LGBT End Game: Destroy America!

We cozy and comfy Americans: In our narrow fleece-lined happy ruts; in our soothing churches, lulled by messages of God’s Love and Forgiveness; in our businesses, building a future for ourselves and our beloved families…praying for a real economic recovery; sending our precious children to our trusted public or parochial schools; in all of our cities, towns and neighborhoods thinking about our growing children and their happy and productive futures; hoping for our married adult children and our grand children yet to come.

We politically inert fantasy-land Americans repressing the horrific undoing of our lives, now shattering at an accelerating rate; torn asunder by indefatigable allied political forces dedicated to the utter destruction what was once the launch-pad for all our dreams.

The Constitutional Republic of The United States of America!

We the American sheeple, pretending that we have control of our lives. Pretending that we enjoy the freedoms and liberties our Founding Fathers bequeathed to us and that millions American’s before us fought and died  to preserve for ourselves, our children and children’s children…into an unknown distant future.

Freedoms and Liberties that our young men and women now fight and die to preserve, as these very ideals now fade from the distant the homelands they left in order to defend them.

It may be too late. But if we will now ROAR with united self-preserving ballots at our polls; and ROAR with printed words and voices from our churches,  our media, our states, our cities and from our streets…we may still have a shrinking chance save our way of life from dissipating into a legacy of meek cowardice and shame.

Read this to the end, if you dare.

The truth will set us free, but first it will make us miserable.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 7/1/15

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