Ten More Nails in America’s Coffin: Same Sex Marriage

Ten More Nails in America’s Coffin: Same Sex Marriage

Any way you view it, the legalization of same sex marriage (SSA) in America is an ill advised, self-destructive massive cultural mistake. There is a good deal of research data to support my assertion, but you will not see it discussed in liberal propaganda-based venues.

There are cross-cultural assessments of cultural damage to support of my assertions as well as research on mother absence and father absence and child development.  There is also documented damage already occurring assessed using withing-culture observations (i.e., those U.S. States that have previously legalized SSA). There are also numerous tyrannically imposed damages to organized religion, education, traditional families, and businesses..and more.

When viewed within the context of other progressive/liberal cultural “redesigns” occurring during the Obama administration, there appears to be sequence of revolutionary political events specifically implemented through extra-Constitutional means to destroy traditional American culture.

As a practicing psychologist and behaviorist, I have learned that there are conditions under which it is best “not to listen to what they say, but rather, to intently watch and measure what they do”.

This is especially true when dealing with antisocials/sociopaths, substance dependent individuals, and with those trapped by various other addictions , i.e., sex, pornography, and gambling.

I will assert that this is also true when dealing with progressive/radical liberal politicians and political activists, who frequently display their own special forms of psychopathology though their lying, deceitful, tyrannical and immoral actions

 It is very well written and its assertions are largely data-based.  The referenced data for this article is somewhat dated, however it supports the article in my yesterday’s blog, which presented more current documented damaging effects of SSM upon cultures.

It is important that you be able to write and articulate why the legalization of Gay Marriage is destructive to America.

Please take the time to read the following article.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.


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