Same Sex Marriage: What Happened To Canada

Same Sex Marriage: What Happened To Canada

The following article is one that is a must-read as you consider the likely effects of legalized gay marriage upon American culture.

Canada, after-all, is a culture that is as similar to our own as we are likely to find anywhere on earth.

Therefore, until cultural outcomes are proven different, we have every reason to assume that the effects of introducing identical cultural redesigns will produce very similar results in America.

Remember, it is incumbent upon science (in this case, Social Science) to demonstrate a statistically significant difference in the outcome during an experiment; even a quasi-experiment, as in this case, in order to declare a difference.

In other words if Canada implements legalized gay marriage policy and ten years later there are significant damages to the liberty of the majority of citizens in Canada, there are no grounds to expect a different result for America.

Until such a different outcome is demonstrated it must be assumed that there will be no different outcome in America is likely.

In fact, the article below will demonstrate that the rightfully anticipated effects curtailing the rights of  heterosexual and religious citizens in America are already underway.

America has made another profoundly bad redesign mistake. Important evidence from our near-cultural-clone, just across our northern border, strongly suggests that federally imposed legalized gay marriage will have profoundly deleterious effects upon liberty for the vast majority of American citizens.

This grave risk has been taken to appease the strident and propagandistic demands of very small minority (less than 5 percent) of America’s population.

I could weep for what I believe is about to happen to freedom in American culture.

Please take the time to evaluate this important information.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.


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