DOD and Military Celebrating LGBT Pride Month!

DOD and Military Celebrating LGBT Pride Month!

I was proud to join the U.S. Military, as did my father and others in my family for generations. However, I have talked to numerous veterans and many, just like me, would never willingly join today’s U.S. Military.

It is all part of the plan to weaken America’s military. I have heard officers tell me that today’s military is having difficulty recruiting personnel. There is little reason to wonder why. And you should not be surprised that our military is hoping to place women in combat. They are running out of men.

America is insane!

Among other progressive/self-destructive moves in recent years, it is politically imposing the will of a very small percent (perhaps under 5%) of our LGBT’s life-styles on all of us, even on our military!

Most of America is loosing the culture wars against religion and our traditional rules of social order.

America is fading into history. In its place is social chaos and only a passing memory for those of us from earlier and better times.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 6/22/15

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5 Responses to “DOD and Military Celebrating LGBT Pride Month!”

  1. Tom Jacobs Says:

    …….it’s just a matter of time, before the AGDA will want a ‘voice’…….


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Tom, thanks for the comment. But, I do not know what AGDA is. Please let me know, as I doubt that many of my readers will know its meaning. On the other-hand, it is not unusual for me to not be up-on some such things. Tom


      • Tom Jacobs Says:

        ‘Amalgamated Goat Do’ers of America’ It’s just as goofy as the….’LGBT’. ………..ya know, what’s next……………..


        • vtmawhinney Says:

          Well, while legalized bestiality may be a stretch. I sure hope it is….legalized polygamy and prostitution is on the assembly line and it is coming our way. Still more nails in America’s coffin!

          But, please stay tuned because I have not yet explored other more immediate ramifications of legalized gay marriage. Tom


  2. jkplume Says:

    I could not agree more!!


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