Open Borders = Cultural Chaos

Open Borders = Cultural Chaos

I attended a recent psychological workshop on helping children with “Executive Functioning” cognitive impairments.

Executive Functions of the brain are defined as follows:

“Executive functions (also known as cognitive control and supervisory attentional system) is an umbrella term for the management (regulation, control) of cognitive processes,[1] including working memory, reasoning, task flexibility, and problem solving[2] as well as planning and execution.[3]”

Though executive cognitive skills are not the main focus of this blog, you may be interested in learning more about this complex topic.

My workshop focused upon the truth that children with impaired executive cognitive abilities need additional assistance, called educational accommodations, for their special learning deficits.

Though still not the main focus of this blog, in case you are interested, the following are examples of some helpful teaching accommodations:

Specific skill teaching

  • Teaching through coaching:
    • Set goals.
    • Hold daily coaching sessions using Goal, Plan, Predict, Do, Review.
  • Check on student’s goals.
  • Check on student’s plan for accomplishing tasks.
  • Predict task outcome, account for obstacles.
  • Do the task.
  • Review to see how the plan worked for the student.

Quality checking

  • Check on completion of planned tasks.
  • Check on application of time and effort to the task.
  • Student responsibility for today’s plan.
  • Check on long-term projects.

– See more at:

Now to the main reason for today’s blog.
I was stunned when a female Hispanic professional in this class asked, with a barely understandable Spanish accent, what the classroom accommodations for Hispanic students who have been educated in Mexico should be.  She explained that in Mexico children are not made to sit quietly at desks, but are allowed to talk and move around the classroom more than in American classrooms. She explained that, in Mexico, children were more often involved in group projects and so American classrooms presented an adjustment problem from them.
There was very little discussion on this topic. Once again, political correctness gagged a sensible discussion on this topic. A topic which had no relationship to helping with the cognitive impairments in a minority of children that was the purpose of this workshop.
The preceding is just one tiny exemplar of the damaging chaos now flooding our various institutions, as a result of America’s self-destructive open border policies.
America cannot accommodate the languages and all of the demands, expectations and preferences of immigrants that specifically clash with our own indigenous cultural and institutional adaptations and traditions. Not, that is, without becoming a confused self-destructive polyglot-culture of chaotic and conflicted citizen behavior patterns.
This appears to be true for all sociocultures. Just look around the world to see the vexing problems faced by societies that have fallen prey to the progressive/liberal pipe-dream of open borders and multiculturalism.
When we allow this to happen, inevitably, the higher-order behavioral contagion effects of this bottom-up disregulating force will infuse its many forms of chaos into America’s already broken cultural institutions. This is already happening.
The result will be a further acceleration of Americas sociocultural decline, which is now well underway.
I am always amazed at the things I learn when I “return to school”.
Wake-Up, Dumb-as-a-Dodo-Bird America!
V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 6/13/15
P.S., The following is a note that I received from John Plume, who immigrated with his family from Latvia as a child.
John was a high school classmate. He is a friend and fellow author. I asked him about the way it was when his family immigrated to America.

The following was John’s answer:

The immigration act of 1948 was straight forward; there was no government aid, i.e., paying to get over here . The sponsors and churches paid for transportation and, in most cases, the immigrants were to pay them back if possible. 
The sponsor provided shelter and a job. One had to work for a year or two and then move on . 
There was no bi-lingual education . We had “immersion” education in the good sense. 
There were at least 50 pages of forms that the government checked and one had to be healthy. Usually TB was the major problem . Persons had to stay behind, wait and be “cured”.
Democrats want the votes and Republicans and businesses want cheap labor.  No wonder we have these continuing immigration problems.
The Latvians assimilated and became Americans.  Many have done quite well ..But many have kept their roots and traditions.
My parents became citizens after five years.

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