Girls Need Their Fathers

Girls Need Their Fathers

So many things are going wrong in America. So many…it is hard to count them all.

Generally speaking, All of America’s institutions are broken. I cordially invite you to give me an opposing  argument on this point.

I would love to hear any reasons why it would be logical, with all of today’s news reports and available statistics considered, to conclude otherwise.

The only American “institution” that was not dysfunctional, until recently, was our incomparable military. Unfortunately, now the combined effects of Federal mandates for women in combat, recruiting LGBT’s, the persecution of Christians and cutbacks in financial, personnel and materials are taking degrading this last essential institution.

With that off my chest. I want to focus upon only one specific essential institution for the rest of this blog…and it is not the military.

A major systemic problem that is obviously damaging America is the decline of the nuclear family, defined as a mother, a father and children. America’s dramatic increase in single parent families is working a subtle, often difficult-to-detect, damaging influence upon America.

As a college professor, I taught (among other courses) developmental psychology and developmental psychopathology for many years.

Father absence in a family clearly increases the risk to children of undesirable outcomes. This is not to say that children raise in single Female parent homes cannot turn-out just fine…it is just that the statistical odds are against them and this is not a benefit to them or America.

Of course fathers can die, or spend less time with the family due to work or military responsibilities. But,  major culturally-stimulated factors causing modern father absence are births to single women, divorce and father abandonment.

The modern trend of homosexual marriages and adoptions are increasing contributing factors to the growing problem of no opposite-sex parent in Americas families, although this is not the focus of this particular blog.

I like the following article on the probabilistic effects of father absence upon the biopsychsocial development of girls because it comports with the evidence that I have personally researched and taught during my career as a college professor. Of less epistemological importance are the supporting observations that I have made in my many years of psychological private practice,  due to the sampling errors inherent in such observations.

I hope you will take time to read this article. Please share the knowledge it provides with others you know.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 6/11/15

Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Indiana University South Bend

Health Services Provider in Psychology

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