The Hard Truth About Black Community Woes

The Hard Truth About Black Community Woes

I have published the first of the following videos before. Please consider looking this important topic up “Race Relations” in my search box, on the right side of my blog page.

I have more to say about this first video, by Bill O’Reilly, in this present blog.

As a behaviorist and not a racist, I am in almost full agreement with Bill O’Reilly.

My only reservations have to do with the fact that whites are falling prey to many of the same problems as the blacks at significantly lower, but increasing rates. Therefore, all of America’s leaders should be talking to all American’s about the social problems of births-out-of-wedlock, drugs, irresponsible mothering and fathering and crimes…and more.

Furthermore, The root cause of the family break-up, for all races, are the contingencies of material reinforcement (rewards in the form of cash, food, housing, etc.) for fertility without marriage, no father in the home, unemployment and also very liberal rules for disability benefits.

Taken together, these progressive/socialist/radical liberal political policies have damaged and disorganized all sectors of American society, though they certainly have more severely impacted the black population.

Who, or what,  is to blame for this?

It is not laziness, irresponsibility, or aggressiveness, etc., that are destroying America. These are the deferred behavioral consequences inflicted upon ourselves by the stupid contingencies of reinforcement that we have designed into our own socioculture.

In a Constitutional Republic, the “voting public gets exactly what it deserves”, as the old saying goes.

We have no one to blame, but our collective ignorant and maladadaptive selves.

Wake-Up America!

Contingencies of reinforcement determine human behavior. Learn more about the effects of rewards, no rewards and punishment upon our citizen’s behavior.

Radical liberal/progressive/socialist contingencies of reinforcement are destroying America.

Only a return to more conservative rules for rewards, non-reward and punishment of behavior (the ones that made this Nation great) offer hope for America’s future.

The short article below is a simple introduction to human Operant Learning: Something every voter and politician needs to understand in far greater depth.

Do not be misled by the picture of the dog near the start of this article. I love dogs, but these principles also exert a very powerful influences over child, adolescent and adult human behavior.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 6/7/15

P.S., Thanks to Lee Hornack and Gordon Jones for sending me the O’Reilly video.

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