Females On Subs: Peeping Sailors Go To Jail

Females On Subs: Peeping Sailors Go To Jail

A submarine is no place to mix the sexes. Close, close quarters; often submerged for more than two months at a time; and an average age of male submariners somewhere around 22 years.

What a prescription for disaster!

I will guarantee that you do not know the meaning of “horny” until you try two months on a submerged submarine patrol. Yes, “horny” is slang for the powerfully uncomfortable feelings that a young man must endure during such long periods of isolation from their wives and girlfriends (real or only fantasies).

These sexual stresses would certainly be worsened if attractive (or not) females were infused into these male long-deprived and cramped conditions.

Please read the following article to see what a predictable, stupid, self-defeating-mess, liberal-feminist politicians have made by pressuring the Navy to place females and males together on America’s submarines (and elsewhere in combat conditions).

I want you to think about the wasted time and money that we taxpayers invested to school some of the most highly selected and trained sailors in our military…only to tempt them to foolish behavior, punish them by reducing their rank, jail them and give them a dishonorable discharge.

These problems were self-made by our politicians and the Navy.

 Notice, also, that a such punishments were administered for those who simply “did not tell” on the one who did the video taping and those who just viewed the videos that circulated through the crew.

No, I do not condone such behavior on the part of the male submariners. But, if you were a young man under similar conditions, are you certain that you would have resisted the temptation to look at the video? Are you sure you have reported your fellow submarine buddy to your superiors?

I thank God that I did not have to undergo such temptations as an immature and adventurous 18 to 21 year old submariner.

Please note also that the females, whose privacy was so grievously violated, reported that their lives and careers were badly damaged by what happened to them.

The facts are these: The female and male sailors involved–lost. The submarine service and Navy –lost. The tax-payers and America–lost. Our adversaries around the world won.

This, or other sexual problems, were predictable and preventable.

Wake-Up Damn-Fool America!


V. Thomas Mawhinney, 6/3/15

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5 Responses to “Females On Subs: Peeping Sailors Go To Jail”

  1. Howard Hawkins Says:

    No surprise that the military has been enjoined to accept
    females for combat duty in our ground force units and now the Submarine Service,a highly selected branch of our fighting forces.

    Our stupidity basket keeps filling up, over flowing with liberal activist, politicians,Hollywood film makers,wealthy progressive socialists,etc., pushing their venomous agenda, all weakening our effectiveness as a military and country.

    We have no leaders that are willing to honor their convictions…and if necessary sacrifice their careers to save America. I’m particularly ashamed of our Navy and its top commanders for acquiescing
    to this foaming fallacious liberalism that is part and parcel of the destruction of our nation.

    I’m astonished by the sever punishment meted out to these highly trained submariners who indeed lacked sound judgement,but were placed in a weakened position by testing the very essence of human nature under very stressful and demanding conditions.To minimize what is taking place hormonally within the bodies of these men over two plus months of rigorous patrolling under water is a supreme mockery to their fidelity to duty and servitude to country.

    I do not condone these submariners behavior ,however I understand why they did what they did.
    Restore these men to rank, duty and service, dock their pay for punishment, reverse this spurious assignment of women on submarines. And, in general, do the same for all combat units of our armed forces in all branches.

    America’s fighting forces have a responsibility, unfathomable to the average citizen, for guarding all of our freedoms.

    Howard Hawkins SSBN(608) 1961-63.


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Howard, my wonderful sub-mate, we are in agreement. I am grateful we did not face such temptations, to be sure it was not part of our job description during our time of service (1960-1963)…and thank God it was not. We had enough on our hands.

      Regarding the punishment for these sub sailors. I would retain the loss of rank, and other consequences, short of jail and a dishonorable discharge. What they did was very wrong and it merits some punishing consequences.

      However, I believe what is now happening is largely vengeance for making the politicians and military brass who made the stupid decision of placing women on subs…look like the fools they are.



      • Howard Hawkins Says:

        Tom, we shared some great times together ,scary encounters also, while serving aboard the U.S,Ethan Allen SSB(N) 608. I agree we were fortunate not having to deal with such a calamity.

        Of course you are correct regarding punishment and politician vengeance.

        The point has been accomplished of showing the ludicrousness between the weak penaltie(s) I suggest verses the politicians et al, placing women on submarines and other combat type units. I stand firm as you do, no jail time or dishonorable discharge.

        One has to live it to understand it.

        Pray God some where along this continuum common sense will eventually prevail.



  2. Gordon E Jones Says:


    Having a son now pulling duty as an E-6 nuke out of Pearl, this is a very interesting topic. Unfortunately, the link to the story is a dead end. Can you provide another?



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