A Small Part Of Obama’s Revolutionary Plan

A Small Part Of Obama’s Revolutionary Plan

The following is actually old news…as is most of Obama’s plan to destroy America’s greatness and world economic, political, military power and leadership.

Old news, yes. But only for those who have studied the roots of his pathologically deceitful presidency.

Please take time to view the following. My research supports that it is factual. I welcome all arguments to the contrary.

If this is new to you, please verify it for yourself by conducting your own research on this report.

If it is not news to you, I beg you to pass it on to those of your friends and acquaintances who need to be informed so they can take the appropriate action in up-coming elections.


V. Thomas Mawhinney,  6/1/15

P.S. Thanks to patriot Lee Hornack for sending this piece to me.

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