Here’s The Real Freddy Gray Story!

Here’s The Real Freddy Gray Story!

Once again we see the Obama Administration, and its progressive media, attack one of America’s pillars of stability with lies and distortions of reality.

Abuse of minorities by the police have certainly occurred in modern times, in isolated incidences, by a  very small minority of cops. There is no evidence that this is a common and wide-spread phenomenon.

Where the abuse of police powers occurs, the offenders must be prosecuted. If they are guilty, they must be punished under the law.

Trumping-up false allegations of  abuse of minorities is a standard revolutionary practice designed to destabilize a society and pave the way for a political take-over, normally socialistic or communistic in nature.

However, in the 21st century, those in competition for the take-over of America are the anarchists, progressive/socialists, communists, and radical Islam, I.E., “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”, as the old saying goes. There now exists a consortium of alien forces intent upon the destruction of our Constitutional Republic.

When asked what kind of government our Founding Fathers had created for us, Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying: “A Republic if you can keep it”.

America is once again in great peril.

Here is only the latest bogus reason to “transform” America’s formerly State and local police agencies into a Nationalized police force capable of imposing Federal dictatorial control of our population.

Freddy, needed to be stopped and questioned. The arresting police were all black, by report. An investigation will determine their guilt or innocence.

The current race riots are a purposeful strategy designed to destabilize America and stimulate a race war. 

Where is the evidence to the contrary?

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 5/5/15


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