Women In Front-Line Combat: No!

Women In Front-Line Combat: No!

President Obama has found yet another way to weaken America’s Military combat effectiveness.

I could chalk-it-up to Obama’s misguided sense of “fairness and equality”,  if I did not understand that virtually every move he has made has resulted in damage to America’s viability as a first world power.

I cannot, and I will not, watch Obama bat-a-thousand with moves that deepen America’s cultural, social, political, military, geopolitical, economic and legal decline…and then assume that his motivation is some form of misguided altruism.

His attacks upon America’s Military have been monumental. Please search my blogs under “Obama and Military” for a fuller understanding of my concerns.

A recent report exposes Obama’s orders to America’s Marine Corps to lower their physical performance standards in order to admit women to combat positions.

The following is an authoritative report that former Navy Chief Bosun’s Mate Lee Hornack sent to his friends and associates.

After this report is an open letter about this article, and the obvious tragic consequences that will result from women in front-line combat. This letter is written by a former combat veteran and military officer.

America: You had better listen-up!


 Now, consider Col. Alsbro’s response to this article.


  I’ve written several editorials about why women should not be on the front lines in ground combat.  The average soldier is carrying 80-125 lbs of gear on their back.  There is no way that a female soldier would be able to carry that soldier.  How would you like to be told that your son died in combat because there was no one able to carry him to safety.  The machine gun still weighs 50 lbs.  There are two machine guns in an infantry squad.  In a ground assault if the machine gunner is hit, there is no female that can pick that weapon up and continue with it.  Thus the ground attack will probably fail.
Why is it that in the Army fitness test, the 20-year-old female can do 42 push ups and max the test and the male has to do 72 push ups to max it?  The same with the 2 mile run.  The male has to run the two miles in 12 min to max it and the female can do it in 15 min and max it. I taught the weight lifting class at Lake Michigan College for 20 years.  I NEVER had a female student who could bench press their weight, i.e., if they weighed 150 lbs they could not lift 150 lbs on the machine, whereas most males had no trouble lifting their weight and by the end of the semester most could lift the stack, or 300 lbs.  IT IS PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE FEMALE TO PERFORM GROUND COMBAT!  I would never question their courage, but I will go to my grave believing that the female has no business in being in the foxhole!
Sorry for the sermon but this e-mail from Lee really hit a sore spot as I spent 5 years in the Infantry and I would not want to go into hand to hand combat with females!
Don Alsbro
Col. USA (ret)
President, Lest We Forget

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 4/24/15

P.S. Thanks to Lee Hornack for catching President Obama in yet another attack upon America’s Military effectiveness.

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