America’s Self-Destructive Policies On Islamic Immigration- #VI

America’s Self-Destructive Policies On Islamic Immigration- #VI 

The following list of murderous attacks by Muslims upon Christians speaks for itself.

Christians are under political/legal attack in America as never before, this by indigenous secular forces. Unabated, the results of this will be catastrophic to American Culture.

Now add to, the unabated flow of Islamic Immigrants, hostile to Christians (now add Jews) and these attacks will increase exponentially.

Interestingly they will eventually come come full circle.

Islam will focus its murderous attacks upon all “infidels”, the near equally intolerant seculars included.

A stunning new twist to the old saying: “what goes around, comes around”.

See the age-old reality of Islam below:

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 4/20/15

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One Response to “America’s Self-Destructive Policies On Islamic Immigration- #VI”

  1. Tom Jacobs Says:

    …….the ‘Man’ is doing exactly what he set out to do! Through his regime he’s setting the stage, so “whitey” will feel – according to him – the same ‘situations’ the ‘black-man’ felt. Dosen’t matter that my relatives/family died and perished in the Civil War, to free them. ………..dosen’t matter, they had no involvement in the slave-trade. He is no different than the feral moron’s, who would strap on bombs to women and chrildren and send them ‘out’……….. he is a vicious vindictive tyrant ……open the borders to the “killers” and turn them loose in the America – let’s see how disruptive it will become……let’s see if we can bring America to it’s knees……………


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