America’s Self-Destructive Policies On Islamic Immigration-#V

America’s Self-Destructive Policies On Islamic Immigration-#V

Suspend Islamic Immigration To America!

While it may not sound like the American thing to do to progressive liberals; it is now do or die for America.

Furthermore it very certainly is an American thing to do. We have the right and obligation to select immigrants based upon the needs, weaknesses and dangers to America. In other words our immigration policies should be primarily based upon America’s own best interests.

It is not possible to adequately vet each Islamic immigrant to be certain they have no ties, or sympathies with Radical Islam. Furthermore, immigrants from Islamic countries are known to profess to be Christians in order to disguise their true sentiments for Radical Islam.

Additionally, the children of Islamic parents are reported to be comparatively easy to conversion to Radical Islam when targeted from abroad, or from within Mosques in America’s rapidly growing Islamic communities.

B.F. Skinner, America’s great 20th Century psychologist once said that…and I paraphrase, survival is the only criteria by which a culture can be judged.

A highly respected professor of psychology (a former teacher and later a fellow professional)  once responded to my concerns about America’s cultural decline with a blunt, but prophetic statement: “It’s all demographics, man.”

I argued that it was not ALL demographics as there generally is an interacting causal swirl of many destructive variables that contribute to a culture’s decline. But, unregulated immigration can swiftly change a culture’s demographics to the degree that it is badly damaged, and perhaps even no longer viable.

A major variable, among the many, is that when a culture is weakened by any event (plague, petulance, war, or resource depletion, etc, etc,.) it is more likely to lose its culture-sustaining religion.

The many scientific and technological advances of 20th Century modernity appear to naturally erode metaphysical-faith-based religions. Commonly, the replacement faith-based religion is Secular Humanism, the worship of human intelligence, capability, needs and wants. Progressive liberality (commonly associated with socialism and communism) are the political forces most often associated with secular humanism.

Another fast avenue to cultural decline is “Conquest By Immigration”, when cultures are flooded with alien populations who bring incompatible beliefs, values, and ways-of-life that essentially transform and weaken the once successful culture. Once thriving cultures, when weakened by other events, may hasten their death-throes through their attempts to achieve short-term gains at the expense of slightly longer-term cultural self-depredation via suicide-by-immigration.

Adaptive cultures use regulated and selective immigration to strengthen themselves. Maladaptive cultures often turn to deregulated and indiscriminate immigration as they destroy themselves.

In our time, we are witnessing badly weakened advanced Liberal Democracies import legions of Islamic immigrants who then demand the governmental imposition of despotism and tyranny in the form of Islamic Sharia Law.

America is now in the process of destroying itself with a self-inflicted conquest by Islamic immigration. Based upon observations of other Western Civilizations that have previously done the same thing; this is a relatively swift and certain form of cultural suicide.

Please read the following and send this blog to everyone you know.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.


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