America’s Self-Destructive Policies On Muslim Immigration- # II

America’s Self-Destructive Policies On Muslim Immigration- # II

The sensationalistic artwork at the top of the following Anti-Muslim Immigrant web page was off-putting to me. In my view, it is sensationalistic and has a propagandistic style to it. I would advise the author to revise his artwork for this reason.

However, on closer inspection, this web page appears to be providing soundly documented information and data about the ruinous cultural effects on America of Muslim immigration, as well as Islam’s terrible atrocities around the world.

Thus far, the information provided is not propagandistic. It is factual information and it is essential that voting Americans know it in order to save themselves, their loved ones and the whole of America from utter cultural destruction.

I personally have no problem with intelligent, loyal, peaceful and cooperative immigrants who will integrate into our culture and strengthen it. I support such policies, so long as the numbers of immigrants do not destroy the livelihoods of already existing American citizens.

I am made furious by our national immigration policies that flood America with lawless, low I.Q. immigrants who overwhelm our welfare, law enforcement, legal, educational and medical  systems; and who then organize political assaults to change our culture to theirs.

Crazy immigration policies are just one, of many ways, our radical progressive/liberal federal government is systematically destroying America. I include liberal Republicans (RINOS) and some moderates in this culturally suicidal bunch.

Please study the following web page, see some of the the videos, and also take time to investigate the previous articles available there.

I warn you, there are some very graphic scenes of killings: stonings, beheadings, etc., that I personally refuse to watch. I do not need those images in my memory, they will do me no good. I advise you to do likewise. To avoid them, simply do not activate those videos.

Finally, do not be concerned that this article is “old”, from 2009. In principle this news is not old: It is simply an earlier point on a continuum. The matter has not improved, it has grown worse.

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 4/11/15

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