Obama’s Destruction Of America’s Military

Obama’s Destruction Of America’s Military

There should be no doubt that our President Obama has weakened our military very significantly.

We can think that we have a technological advantage over virtually all other nations in the world. But China and Russia are in a mad-dash for military supremacy in the world. And, after all, how many nuclear bombs does it take to destroy a nation? The point is that other nations now, and others soon to come, will have enough to destroy America.

North Korea, with its nuclear capabilities is capable of being more than a “work of buffoonery”. Now, add to that Obama’s shame “nuclear agreement” with Iran, recognized as such by every rational on-looker, including the whole of the Middle East. Thus setting the stage for a Middle Eastern nuclear arms race with glimmers of the Armageddon-like conflagration historically predicted to occur there by Judeo/Christian religions.

While all of this remains a worry about an increasingly threatening future, what Obama has actually done to America’s military (and will continue to do with all of his might), is severely damage its strength and war readiness.

The following is a short and succinct enumeration of most of what Obama has done to damage America’s military. There is more, however, like Obama’s gross neglect of the Veteran Administration’s hospitals with horrific crippling and even lethal effects upon our precious and heroic wounded warriors, for example. 

 Please read this for a very clear summary: 


Finally, no matter what, please, please watch the following video analysis of Obama’s assault on Americas military. If you think you can refute the any of the information in this blog, I would love to hear from you.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, 4/2/15

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