Netanyahu’s Warning To America

Netanyahu’s Warning To America

Bibi Netanyahu has spoken to America’s Congress in spite of Obama’s vitriolic objections and the hostility shown him by our Democratic party.  Democratic Leader Nancy Polosi actually turned her back to Netanyahu during Congressional periods of applause for his statements.

Virtually everything that President Obama and America’s progressive/socialist Democratic party has done during their last two terms has added to America’s precipitous decline, made the world a more dangerous place (actually favoring Islamic Terrorists) and finally deepening  our distrust of the lying, cheating Obama Government.

Netanyahu was respectful of the Obama Administration, even solicitous at the beginning of his speech. However, he then presented a devastating historical and contemporary analysis of Iran’s Radical Islamic faith-driven terrorist activities that are now rapidly advancing in the world: “Death, Tyranny and he pursuit of Jihad”.

He courageously warned all of us about the Obama Administration negotiating a deal with Iran, and I paraphrase, that will not prevent nuclear weapons for Iran, but will guarantee them.

Netanyahu further stated that if Radical Islamic Terrorist Iran gets the nuclear bomb, they will use it to subjugate the world. Furthermore, If Iran becomes a nuclear war power it will spark a nuclear weapons race in the Middle East, precipitating a devastating world war.

It is my view that Radical Islam is already conducting a world war, but if they gain nuclear weapons, the world devastation will reach horrific proportions.

In short:

  • It is foolish to trust Radical Terrorist Jihadist Islam.
  • Obama’s deal with Iran will leave it with well-over 1000 high-speed centrifuges capable of producing nuclear bombs within weeks.
  • Obama’s deal with Iran does not include Iran’s advancing Intercontinental Missile Program that will provide this Islamic Terrorist Country the ability to strike anywhere in America with nuclear bombs.
  • Obama’s deal with Iran terminates within about ten years, leaving Iran with the nuclear weapons power to wreak unthinkable destruction and terror on the world.

President Obama is in the process of perpetrating the ultimate betrayal of America and Israel in favor of Radical Terrorist Islam. There have been other betrayals, but this one will be the world’s coup de grace.

It is essential you to see and hear Bibi Netanyahu’s address to America about implications of a Terrorist Islamic Iran with nuclear weapons.

To avoid boredom, start the video and then advance the small blue ball on the white video trail to 23:30 (unless you enjoy watching politicians glad handing each other).

The next few minutes feature Netanyahu’s gratuitous, complements to the Obama Administration.

Starting at 28:00 are Netanyahu’s dire warnings to all of America about Obama’s suicidal (my word) deal with Iran.

Please view this video and then demand that your representatives “rise-up” in OUR defense against a nuclear Islamic Terrorist Iran.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 3/4/15

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