Black America Damaged By Liberal Politics

Black America Damaged By Liberal Politics.

Jason L. Riley has written a book that takes progressive/liberal policies to task for wreaking havoc upon America’s Black population. The book is entitled: Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder For Blacks.

This is a book that all of America must read.

Mr. Riley, a black man, has recently given an important address at Hillsdale College. This address has been adapted and published by Hillsdale’s own Imprimis Press.

The title of this presentation relates to race and law-enforcement relations. However, it is a far more encompassing treatment of the decline of Black America, and more.

I urge you to take time to read this definitive article about the damages of liberal politics.

Once you have read it, can you also see that the same liberal politics that have badly damaged America’s Black population, have also damaged all Americans. Can you see that these political policies (destructive reward systems) have therefore lead the ongoing decline in our entire socioculture?

Can you see that the motivation for these damaging liberal social policies is not exclusively a product of “liberal guilt” about America’s historical treatment of its black populations, as suggested by Mr. Riley. Many, myself included, have long argued that liberal politicians have used various entitlements and favors to minority populations as a well-known method of securing their votes and extending their own political power.

I will not absolve pandering liberal politicians of their ethical shortcomings by invoking some mythical sense of “misguided guilt”.

I hope you will send this Imprimis article on to your friends. Please consider also including your liberal friends, as well.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 2/21/15

P.S., Thanks to John Plume for sending me notification of this article.  I also thank him for stimulating me to make time to read this Imprimis article, already languishing in my “read soon”stack of literature.

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