Radical Islam’s Most Powerful Weapon: Stealth Jihad

Radical Islam’s Most Powerful Weapon: Stealth Jihad

I continue to read extensively on the topic of cultural decline.

There are a great many ways in which cultures are weakened and eventually lose their vitality and ability to function at adaptive levels.

It is thought that modern historically successful cultures do not collapse, as countless primitive ones have done.

Rather, they are taken-over by other cultures. That is to say that the culture’s mores, folkways, practices, and behavioral traditions change to the extent that its original cultural features are greatly diminished and supplanted by new ones. Although the geographical location of the original culture may not change, it can be “transformed” by powerful biopsychsocial/environmental forces to the point that it is no longer what it once was.

Of course, determining the quality of such transformations is a human value judgment. For example, Germany, Japan, and Italy were transformed by the occurrence of WWII and I will bet that most folks (in spite of the terrible loss of human life) would judge that these transformations were highly desirable.  In short, fanatical, despotic, totalitarian cultures of death and enslavement were “transformed” by war into cultures of peace and prosperity.

Radical, political, terrorist Islam is now attempting to transform Western Civilization from cultures of peace and relative prosperity into ones of fanatical, despotic, totalitarian, death and enslavement. Outside of the radical Islamic terrorists, few would argue that this is a good thing.

History is repeating itself.

Terrorism and military conquest is the most obvious strategy employed by Radical political Islam. But this not the most threatening or destructive method in their arsenal (notwithstanding the development of nuclear weapons, God forbid).

Radical Islam is far more diabolical, and clever than were the opponents of freedom in WWII.

Radical Islam is steadily infiltrating the cultures they intend to transform into a Radical Islamic  political Caliphate, living under the dictates of sharia (religious) law. The openly admit that this is their goal and they proudly proclaim their advances.

Currently, I believe the greatest threat to Western Civilization and the rest of the world is Stealth Jihad.

Stealth Jihad involves the slow transformation of cultures by Islamic immigration and the infiltration and the Islamic influence (transformation) of a culture’s institutions and agencies (government, education, law, etc.). This process is now well underway and progressing steadily in America and the rest of the world.

Many countries have been rudely awakened to the methods of stealth jihad within their borders and now appear paralyzed by their own liberal policies to combat it.

To understand the methods and accomplishments of this strategy, I recommend the reading of Stealth Jihad: How Radical Islam Is Subverting America Without Guns or Bombs, by Robert Spencer.

But there is more. Perhaps I missed it in reading Spencer’s book, but recall and cannot find reference to Radical Islamic “reproduction”, “fecundity”, “propagation”, or “birth rates” in his index section.

Perhaps this is because it is “common knowledge” that Islam and family planning are not incompatible. Furthermore, there is a wealth of demographic research finding that Islamic birth rates are declining and when Muslims enter a developed country that their reproductive rates further decline to about that of the rest of the population in around two years. The over-all  reproductive rate of Muslims in the world is reported to be declining and some authors believe it will lead to an existential crisis for Islam.

The following authoritative article is a prime example.


This also jives with my readings from many other resources.

Generally population reproduction rates are strongly correlated with modernity. It is thought that children become more of an expense and a liability in modernizing cultures and so the cost/benefit ratio shift against propagation.

Also correlated with modernity is a reduction of the influence of religion. Analysts of cultural decline speculate that when a cultures lose their religions, they also lose important reasons to reproduce.

While all of this appears to be true,  I remain concerned that statistics on generally identified “Muslim”, or “Islamic” immigrants obscures the actual reproductive rates of the subset class of Radical Islamic immigrants.

It is entirely possible that the highly motivated religious culture of Radical Islam is an exception to the previously discussed accepted trends.

Radical Islam is powerfully motivated by its most stringent and demanding political religion to infiltrate and forcefully transform other cultures. Out-reproducing an infidel culture is a certain way to further this goal. Moreover, out-reproducing modernized populations would seem to be an easily attainable goal given Radical Islam’s mandated subjugation of its women, polygamy, and its fierce indoctrination of its children into its evil and murderous belief systems.

Detecting such a growth pattern will be difficult because of the unresolved definitional complexities involved. Small, but continuous population shifts from non-radical to radical Islamic populations will challenge statistical detection.

An undetected growth in Radical Islamic populations (for any reason) in a liberal democracy will have very damaging transformational cultural effects.

Radical Political Islam is completely antithetical to liberal democracies. The rise of Radical Political Islam inevitably means the decline of liberty.

Of course, these results would be greatly amplified if they were aided by the culture’s own government, as is now the case in America with its current Obama administration.

America’s country of origin has long been doing the same thing to itself, with predictable results.

See for your self!


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 2/19/15

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One Response to “Radical Islam’s Most Powerful Weapon: Stealth Jihad”

  1. vtmawhinney Says:

    Reblogged this on Cultural Survival Skills and commented:

    It is now 7/16/21 and all of this has intensified throughout Western Civilization. Furthermore, an American Marxist Revolution is well underway with a new law proposed censoring media speech. The Same is now true of Canada. There now are many growing points of attack upon Western Civilization and long-hidden from popular news, it will soon be hidden within other venues. Western Nations are systematically being destroyed and a great percent of their citizens do not even realize it. I urge everyone to read Mark R Levin’s new book, American Marxism.


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