A Great Issue of This Century: The Truth About Islam #3

A Great Issue of This Century: The Truth About Islam #3.

Dr. Warner again presents information about the history of Islam and its never-ending war on the world of “infidels”.

In this presentation, he provides a mass if historical data to supplement his amazing graphic presentations that I hope you have already observed in my previous two Truth About Islam posts on this blog.

This video is a long one. At 45 minutes, you could reasonably doubt that viewing it is worth your time.

I assure you it is worth your time because it is a history that you have never been told; not in primary or secondary schools and not in college. You have not been told about this history in your places of worship, or in the secular media. We are all ignorant about Political Islam’s unremitting quest to subjugate all of us to its totalitarian rule.

Recently, President Obama and our governmental representatives have been busy telling us listen that “ISIS” is no existential threat to America. This is true in the very limited sense that is used by the Obama Administration in an attempt to propagandize all of America and what remains of a gullible world.

ISIS is only one small part of Political Islam which continues an all-out unremitting war with the non-Islamic world which has now lasted for over 14oo years.

When viewed from this reality-based perspective, ISIS and all of Political Islam sure as hell is an existential threat to America…and to the rest of the non-Islamic World.

Please take the time necessary to understand the greatest threat to the free world, in the history of the free world.

Then forward this to everyone you know.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, 214/15

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