Islam’s Stealth Jihad In U.S. Government

Islam’s Stealth Jihad In U.S. Government .

The following video is of a recent panel discussion about America’s Transformation under the Obama Administration and our handling of the great and growing threat of Islamic Jihad against the World, as well as in America’s own government.

Four Star Naval Admiral James, “Ace”, Lions speaks about this danger that is completely overlooked by our media and also the average voting American.

Although Admiral Lions does not call it “Stealth Jihad”, he none the less clearly describes this successful Islamic strategy in plain language.

The Admiral presses the listener/observer to understand that significant portions of our government have been infiltrated through the diabolical methods of Stealth (i.e., covert) Jihad (i.e., the theological/political struggle impose Islam on the World).

This video is a short one.  It is essential that you see it and share it with everyone you know.

You will note the time restriction placed upon Admiral Lions. He clearly is not given enough time to document his position that our government has been infiltrated by Islamic Stealth Jihad. But I assure you he is correct and the evidence supporting his charges appears to me to be irrefutable.

I have come to that conclusion based upon my own research, which is broader than the article that I now present to you, and beg you to read. The is not a short presentation of the evidence supporting the Admiral’s brief stunning presentation, but it is a powerful and well documented supporting presentation that every patriot American should read.

I hope you will evaluate this article and its as well as its reverence section. If you wish to argue to the contrary of these assertions about Islam in America’s Government, I invite you to do so. However, I expect that you will present evidence in support of your position.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 2/5/15

P.S., Thanks to Gordon Jones for forwarding an article to me that contained this clear, honest and commonsense video about Islam and its stealth Jihad against the America.

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