35 Islamic Terrorist Training Camps In America!

35 Islamic Terrorist Training Camps In America!

I know that this is hard to believe, it certainly was for me.

A couple of late night nights ago, on the Fox Channel, I saw an interview with a man who has been investigating Islamic Terrorist Training Camps in America. I cannot recall for sure, but I think it was on the Kelly file. This was a very powerful and convincing presentation claiming over 30 such camps in America! Oddly,  I have not yet found a copy of this interview on the internet.

It is a fact that our main-stream news media is not sounding the alarm about this seemingly unbelievable Islamic Terrorist invasion of America. There may be more, but so far I have found relatively few examples of such reporting (one dating back to 2009), largely from conservative news sources. I will provide a sample of them for you to evaluate below.

Our authorities have known about the Islamic Terrorist Training Camps in America for many years. I have heard rumors of this in the past, but had not been comfortable with the truth of this matter.

I am now convinced.

Islamic Terrorists are certainly intelligent enough, and deviant enough, to exploit our own laws on individual freedoms in order to infiltrate America and to kill us in great numbers.

Many of our political leaders, are now stupid enough to let them get away with this. Or, as in the case of President Obama and his henchmen and henchwomen, they  appear to be cooperating with Radical Islam to “transform” America through its destruction.

I am forced, by its selective recent actions and its notable lack of lack of other actions, to judge that our government is complicit with Radical Islam.

Radical Islam has used our own laws to set up their infrastructure for the destruction of America. The Obama Administration has undermined and userpted our laws to aid and abet our destruction (Again, in his words, our “transformation”).

From 2013:


From 2014: I have found that this entry on this original blog has disapeared from the internet.


From 2015:

This URL contains two separate videos. Do not miss the second one near the bottom. It features another organization that is investigating the propagation of Radical Islam in America.


Wake-Up, Damn-Fool Post-Modern America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 1/15/15.




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