Why Didn’t America March Against Islamic Terror In France?

Why Didn’t America March Against Islamic Terror In France?

So, everyone is “racking their brains”: Why did our President of the United States of America not attend the greatest demonstration in France since WWII. An amazing demonstration against Islamic Terrorism that recently witnessed the savage Islamic terrorist slaughter of a large number of  innocent people there…including one attack focused exclusively on the French Jewish population. A population now striving to escape France because of Islamic persecution there.

It is important to note that this was  a demonstration against the repeated factual murderous Islamic world-wide attacks that President Obama refuses to name  “Islamic terrorism”. He has refused to use this term even under direct and pressing questioning by the smallest segment of the American Media that has the moral integrity to do so. The rest of America’s media is complicit with Obama in that it refuses to make an issue out of this pathological levels denial on the part of President Barack Obama.

Well, you could speculate that he is just a “slow-learner” about such optics; or, he is simply incompetent as our Commander-in-Chief; perhaps we could conclude that he was just too busy to attend, when other major Heads of State dropped everything to participate in person. He didn’t even send a representative.

There is only two theories, that I know of, that can account for all of the facts known about America’s President Barack Obama. These theories are obvious to anyone who has studied Obama’s history, and his seemingly blind respect for all aspects of Islam.

Again, the theories are that he is 1. An Ardent Islamic sympathizer and/or, 2. He is actually a stealth Muslim.

History will eventually assert the truth of this all of this, I will not. The evidence supporting this either or both of these theories is consistent and more will accrue with the passage of events in time.

I will only assert that the Islamic sympathizer and/or stealth Muslim theories cannot be ruled-out and they appear to best account for many of the known odd  Islamic-favoring behavior patterns that Obama has displayed during the course of his two-term Presidency and also during his formative years.

If this theory is true, America has much more to fear than it can presently bear to admit.

With the most courageous and dedicated news media afraid to even utter these theories, if they were true, America would “wake-up to late”.

Please keep these theories in mind as you evaluate the unfolding data on Obama’s refusal to admit that there are “Islamic” Terrorists and that they are a growing force attacking the world with a lethal Jihad to impose Sharia Law on everyone on planet earth.

See the following and provide me with a better explanation.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.,  1/12/15

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3 Responses to “Why Didn’t America March Against Islamic Terror In France?”

  1. jkplume Says:

    1& 2 They are not theories.


  2. Gordon E Jones Says:

    Dr. Tom:

    If this is a private address, I’d like to chat for a minute – please reply. Lee Hornack has highly recommended your blog.

    Gordy J


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