We Must Kill Political (Radical) Islamic Terrorists

The West Must Kill Political (Radical) Islamic Terrorists

The West must kill political (radical) Islamic terrorists before they kill Western Civilization.

It is a horrific turn of events that the cradle of Western Civilization, Europe, has all but destroyed itself with its own radical ideology, namely progressive liberalism. This alone is enough to catalyze the forces of cultural decline.

However, the final virulent progressive evolution for Europe has been the worship of what is called “multiculturalism”. Both Europe, and to a lesser though dangerously advancing degree, America; Have thrown-open its immigration flood-gates to Islamic populations who insist that their populations live by Sharia Law. Sharia Law is an Islamic Code of Conduct which supersedes State Law and organizes both governmental and civil culture. The concept of individual freedom is totally incompatible with Sharia Law. Under Sharia Law, Individual Freedom is an insult to God, and punishable by death.

I will not further explain this reality in this particular blog. Over the past several years, I have written extensively about the evils of Radical Islam and Sharia Law. I have also documented the degree to which it is destroying Western Civilization, and now threatening to destroy America.

If we fail to understand our new enemy we are already defeated.

Please take the time to read some of these posts. Simply enter the word “Islam” in my search box on the upper right side of my blog page.

I bear no malice to Muslims who accept the separation of State and Religion, as it was intended by our Founding Fathers (as opposed to the current progressive war on Judeo/Christian religions). I have no problem with Muslims who respect the supremacy of our American Laws in political and civil matters. I wish no harm to Muslims whose defining features are peace and kindness to others.

But it is past time to declare all-out warfare on radical Islamic Terrorists.

To save our America, and all of Western Civilization from  death by a “thousand cuts” at the hands of bloody Islamic terrorists we must now do the following:

1. To survive,  we boldly name Radical (political, i.e., militant Sharia) Islamic Terrorist as mortal enemies of America and our Western allies.

2. We will have to risk a temporary abridgment of certain freedoms,  those that are absolutely necessary, to gather the intelligence essential to rooting-them-out around the world and within America.

There will be great resistance to this. But as we had to do during our own Civil War, and also WWII, we must do this and trust that our Governing Constitution will ensure a return of these freedoms, as it has in our past. The dangers involved in curtailing freedoms essential to winning the war against Islamic terrorism are much less than failing to kill Radical Islam.

3. We will have to kill all of these crazed and murderous people. If their spouses and children are involved in terrorist Jihad against Western Civilization, we will have to kill them too.

Sorry folks. We are in danger of an insidious, unrelenting incremental…creeping conquest by a force  far more insidious and lethal than all of the combined totalitarian forces America and its allies destroyed in order to win WWI and WWII.

You had better believe it is now us or them.

The following is best definition and example of what is now our 21st Century mortal enemy. Please tolerate  the 30 second add!

Wake-Up America!


V. Thomas Mawhinney, 1/10/15

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6 Responses to “We Must Kill Political (Radical) Islamic Terrorists”

  1. Lisa Sexton Says:

    We’ve see both of the films you mention. Very well done! By the way, happy and healthy new year to you and yours in spite of the craziness all around us!
    Warm regards,


  2. Lisa Sexton Says:

    L O V E
    To paraphrase Zen and Christian teachings, there are afflictions in the world and in us. Passion (anger, hatred, fear, grief) rises up in us. Take action but with compassion, and do this throughout life so as not to be infected with the very things we deplore.

    Wise spiritual teachers have instructed us in these matters throughout history. At times I live as if I don’t know this, (“enlightened ignorance”) therefore compounding my own suffering and the suffering of those around me.

    The dilemma: how to end violence without becoming violent…probably not possible. Most certainly grievous. Thus ends my response to your heartfelt article.


    • vtmawhinney Says:


      I appreciate your wonderful thoughts. I really do share them, believe it or not.

      I do not write encouraging all-out-war on Islamic Terrorism without great sorrow. However, this is a Darwinian world at every level that I can perceive. If we are to live in it and create the Goods that all great religions, including peace-loving Muslims, espouse; Good will have to defeat Evil. I am convinced by history that the utter defeat of evil can lead to lasting peace and prosperity, even for the defeated (i.e., Germany, Japan, and Italy..and more).

      I urge, therefore that we once again “say our prayers and pass the ammunition”. The compassion I feel is for the countless men, women, and children ruthlessly slaughtered by Islamic terrorists and for what they plan to do to all of Western Civilization including America.

      We will be “infected with the very thing we deplore”. Fortunately, the God that I know is a forgiving one and in the end He can cure such infections: Just as He did for so many of our parents and grandparents who literally saved the world during WWII.

      Regretfully, I am convinced that the existential battle we face is one from which we can no longer escape.

      Warm regards, Tom


      • Lisa Sexton Says:

        Yes yes and yes. We just saw American Sniper. The heart-wrenching moment where we see the young boy used as a weapon speaks to a militant faction I will never begin to understand. David’s son is a colonel in the army, two tours in the Middle East just after Hussein was killed. To my knowledge, he commanded units and did not have to directly face what must be a terrible decision for any human being. But some of his unit did not come back, and he had to both provide consolation and receive it.

        Darwin had it right, for sure. I’m
        Glad we see eye-to-eye on the sorrowful nature of it all.


        • vtmawhinney Says:


          You and David can be very proud of the colonel. Thank God there are many Americans like him willing to dedicate their lives to keeping America free. I know there will never be peace on earth and that the only way to preserve our way of life is to defend it. Reminds me of the reef wars that I once saw on a T.V.. Corals on a reef, fighting and taking over by killing and ingesting other weaker, more defenseless corals. So it is at all levels of life. Wish it were different, but it is not.

          It is a Darwinian world and currently, America’s leaders are behaving like dodo birds…I understand they became extinct. Best Wishes, Tom

          P.S. You and David might rent Hunt For Red October and Crimson Tide, there you experience high military adventure of my kind. Fiction yes, but there is much reality involved too.


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