Sharia Law and Radical Islam Incompatible with America!

Sharia Law and Radical Islam Incompatible With America!

Obama and his multicultural fanatics will not use the term Radical Islamic Terrorists. They will not use it even when black garbed figures with AK-47 kill or injure well over a dozen French citizens associated with publishing cartoons insulting to Islam, as well as other innocent French citizens.

In the meantime, America, just as Europe has, is allowing the legal immigration of Muslims from counties  where Sharia Law is totally or partially in effect.

This is obviously a self-destructive act on our parts, a result of pathological levels of cultural denial regarding this suicidal act.

I will have more to sat about this foolishness in the days to come.

 How would you like to suffer 1000 lashes in public? You had better not speak disrespectfully (i.e., “freely”) about Islam!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 1/9/15

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