Happy New Year!.?

Happy New Year!.?

I customarily send everyone on my mailing list a wish for a “Happy New Year”. I also traditionally do a special blog on that day.

Perhaps the fact that I had the flu got in the way this year. But, I think more got in the way. There was something else troubling me.

I believe it had to do more with the underlying “spirit” one brings to to this traditional, happy wish we give one-another on each New Year.

In all of my past New Years (and I count nearly 73 of them) I have issued this phrase in a happily naive fashion. Certainly, I was aware of the wars, the great tragedies, political debacles, and unpleasant (even ugly) social issues that have unfolded across all of my time and through history.

Still, it was still easy for me to happily proclaim: Happy New Year!

This year, whenever that phrase came to mind, it was a dissonant one. For some reason, it felt hollow and disingenuous.

My parents tried to teach me to be honest in my dealings with myself and others. On this matter I try to do the best I can. This is the root of my problem.

I just find it hard to believe it will be a Happy New Year for America. I dearly hope I am wrong, as I often am about many things.

I believe the following:

International geopolitical events are massively threatening to our security. Internal threats to our nation’s solidarity have not been greater since our own great Civil War. I doubt there has ever been a time in America’s history that political tyranny has been greater. Our once-great economy may be damaged beyond repair. Our military, its budget and America’s political will to fight have been depleted  by decades of war. Our countless enemies love to fight and die for their God and they proudly teach their babies that we infidels and they must dedicate their lives to killing us. We have allowed our governments and legal system to increasingly eradicate our Founding Judeo/Christian Principles and expressions of faith from our public schools and our public social life. The predictable effects of this last fatal flaw in our socioculture have led to an increasingly immoral and barbaric population whose collective actions move in the direction of behavioral chaos and anarchy. These social pathologies are now further inflamed by progressive political operatives whose nefarious methods include stimulating division, animosity, and physical conflict between increasingly polarized racial and life-style factions in America.  Many citizens who still pray that God will Bless America must wonder why this would be when America is abandoning God.

I have now resolved my internal conflict regarding the 2015 New Year.

Please accept my sincere “Happy Year” to you,  your loved ones and to all of America…. and understand it is simply my heartfelt wish.

It is not a prediction.

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 1/4/15

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